The Necessity for Valve Boxes

The Necessity for Valve Boxes

Access Doors and Panels on 31st Jan 2018

The Necessity for Valve Boxes

Both commercial and residential buildings are set up with a number of valves to supply services to the structure. These valves can include water or hose bibs, gas services and electrical conduits. Many buildings have these mounted to the exterior and therefore are exposed to the elements. While this may be an acceptable practice, the significantly better method is to house the valves in weather proof valve boxes.

As is the goal with many assets, it is essential to try to extend the longevity of buildings and their fixtures. One way to do this is to protect the valve that connect services from the outdoors to the indoors. Valve boxes are an excellent way to achieve this standard. They can be drilled and installed into the side of buildings to house a variety of valves. Some designs are even available with windows to allow a person to view inside without having to open the actual box. This can be useful to identify the contents if there is more than one box or to see inside to view a blockage or disconnection.

Valve boxes help to increase the lifespan of building valves because it protects them from the harsh elements of Mother Nature. Water, as most people know, is one of the most detrimental harms a building must be protected against. When water finds its way into a building it can lead to flooding and structural damage. A common way in to the building is through damaged hose bibs or hoses left hooked up in cold weather. Most times this water damage goes unnoticed until significant harm is done. Valve boxes can mitigate this damage by not allowing water into the openings, therefore helping to protect your building and its contents from potential damage.

Valve boxes can also supply necessary security protections. Many are outfitted with locks that will limit access to unwanted visitors. In a day and age where even water can cost a company a significant amount of money, having the hose bib protected can prevent unauthorized use. Gas valves can be housed in the valve boxes as well. Having them locked up can save you from someone who is not trained from trying to ‘fix’ a problem. Valve boxes also keep rodents out of the way of conduits. While most are made from strong materials, little rodents may still try and chew their way through in an attempt to gain access to your warm building.

Installing a valve box also has the benefit of being able to disguise the valves to blend in with the building. Because the boxes sits mostly flush with the building wall, the potentially unsightly extrusions of the bibs are hidden. This can be beneficial for a few reasons. Firstly, if aesthetics are a priority the valve box can help to blend the service bibs into the façade of the building. This is especially important if the only place a bib can be installed is in a highly visible area. Secondly, sometimes landscaping can get in the way of valve access. Some plants grow up buildings or loop themselves in and around anything and everything they can. Some plants can even burrow right into the building if there is even the smallest gap in the wall. Housing the valves keeps the wall flush and eliminates entry points for invasive plants. They can also allow for larger plants to be planted right in front of the valves while keeping the valves accessible.

Valve boxes, which are available in a variety of sizes and designs, are often an overlooked element of building design. Like most things – it’s all in the details. Making this small, relatively inexpensive change to your building is one way to engage in preventative maintenance. Look after your building and your building will after your business.

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