Valve Cabinets

Valve Cabinets

Valves are essential components of a building’s piping system. Designed to house valves and extinguishers, a valve cabinet helps with keeping controls clean and uncompromised by environmental elements behind the walls.

Find the surface-mounted and wall installation valve cabinets that you need at Access Doors And Panels.  Our boxes can be recessed and provide easy, convenient access for all types of valves or controls, completely concealing from all sides once closed. We also customize box depths, as well as panels, plates, and special holes for pipes or conduits.

Our surface mounted valve box is designed to provide service access to controls that extend outside of the finished wall but need to be protected by a fully enclosed box.

On the other hand, our selection of boxes for wall installations includes Acudor recessed valve box that has a continuous, concealed hinge and 5 stage iron phosphate preparation with prime coat of White alkyd baked-on enamel; Cendrex products with window and hidden flange that has 8 ¾ wide x 8 ¾ high rough opening size and concealed exclusive hinge design; Elmdor boxes with 8" wide x 8" high x 6" deep door size and prime coat suitable for painting; and MIFAB cabinets that feature 16 gauge steel with a 20 gauge box and concealed pivot pins.

If you’re looking for a quality valve cabinet for your project, you can find it at Access Doors and Panels. Make your first purchase with us today!