Top Ideas For Commercial Renovation

Top Ideas For Commercial Renovation

Access Doors and Panels on 15th Apr 2020

Top Ideas For Commercial Renovation

For any business to be successful, renovation is crucial. As your business expands and changes, the office space that it occupies must also adapt and evolve. It doesn’t matter whether your company has grown in numbers, has redirected its business focus, or experienced higher demands. Whatever reason you have, it is high time to do some remodeling. Renovating your commercial space will not only strengthen your branding but will also boost the productivity of employees and increase business efficiency.

Doing office renovations can be a tedious process, and it can also be overwhelming to scour through an abundance of renovation ideas. However, it is also an opportunity to transform your workspace into a modern, conducive environment that can improve your employees’ morale and impress customers, visitors, investors, and other stakeholders. There’s also a ton of benefits that comes along with renovating commercial buildings.

To help you get started, here are the 8 top ideas for a commercial office renovation.

Ditch Those Cubicles

If you’re still into cubicles and closed conference rooms, we’re telling you-- Take them down! Even the giant offices of Facebook and Google have ditched those walls. Nowadays, open, friendly, and collaborative workspaces are the craze. By opening your office space and ditching the cubicles, you will be able to foster transparency and team spirit, and employee interaction increases. Even modern conference rooms now have glass partitions. Aside from promoting a culture of open and honest communication, glass partitions and public spaces also elevate the office ambiance.

It’s also a good idea if you want to make your employees develop a better office relationship. The work productivity might skyrocket without warning, which is good for any company or business.

Go Green

Research shows that going green with your office space helps boost employee health and mood and can even reduce absences made by employees. To go green, here are some tips that will enrich your office interior while also helping save the environment one step at a time.

One good tip is to choose natural light instead of the traditional. We recommend smart and energy-efficient lighting systems that have pre-set lighting modes and sensors for saving energy. You don’t have to fret about the electricity bill going up anymore once you can achieve this with your commercial building.

Another good tip is to pick eco-friendly furniture and office equipment. Enforce recycling waste by putting recycle bins all around the office. You can always place trash bins in most corners of the office. Or better yet, every employee must have a trash bin at their workstation so that all they have to do is place it in the recycling bin once it gets full.

And if you want a new environment, place a few indoor plants to make your office interiors green. They also make a pleasing addition to office cubicles and rooms.


Turn your office into an exciting setup with high-tech appliances. You can add home theatre style audio, control audio, lighting, tv, projector screens, and more. It would be best if you installed some of these in pantries or areas where the employees can relax or watch TV during their breaks. Every worker always needs to take a break in the middle of their jobs.

Think Tank

You can add a new space-- the Think Tank. The Think Tank will be a space where employees can go to brainstorm and improve their creativity. Employees will probably be able to create new sales campaigns, strategies, and programs if done outside of their usual desk areas. It’s also the best place to work as a unit, ensuring that they can find ways to perform their jobs as efficiently as possible. Some businesses and companies are already incorporating the Think Tank to improve employee productivity.

Incorporate an Energetic Color Palette

Colors significantly affect and influence our mood and energy. Some colors help improve people's productivity and well-being, while some colors interrupt positive thought processes and lower productivity. If your employees have been working in a bland office space for many years and they have been bored and sleepy because of it, it’s probably time for you to incorporate some color and energy into your office.

For instance, a modern trend that has now become popular is the use of bright and bold colors to bring energy and life to an office environment. Even with these simple colors, you can positively change the entire atmosphere within the office. It’s not an expensive renovation technique to do, which is why you should highly consider doing it with your office.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Employees usually disregard office kitchens as ugly, dismal places. You could probably find a cheap refrigerator, a sad-looking, old coffee machine, and a dull sink. Please take note that employees will spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so make it a place that employees will enjoy. You might have to find a few appliances to liven up the mood, such as an excellent coffeemaker or a refrigerator.

Include Breakout Spaces

You probably have no idea what a breakout space is. Breakout space is an area with a casual setting that is just outside the standard working area. Breakout spaces encourage employees to move away from their desks, even for just a while. You can use these spaces for casual chats, brainstorming sessions, or even recreational and relaxation activities.

Get Ergonomic Desks and Chairs

When employees are working, they spend a large number of their work hours sitting at their desks. It is for this reason why it is crucial to invest in the right office furniture. Ergonomic office furniture is specially equipped with adjustable features to support healthy postures for the employees. Most of the time, employees can’t do their jobs properly without taking a few rests in between just because of the office chair they’re sitting on.

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