Building 101 – Maximizing a Small Space to Look Big

Building 101 – Maximizing a Small Space to Look Big

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 9th May 2019

Building 101 – Maximizing a Small Space to Look Big

Small rooms may feel restrictive and unpleasant. That is why, when it concerns decorating tight spaces, the tiniest details matter. You may learn how to make a room appear more significant with a few clever interior design-inspired tactics. Color schemes, mirror placement, furniture placement, and imaginative lighting design can all deceive the eye and make spaces appear much more spacious than they are.

With such a small area to deal with, every square inch must have careful research and planning. Having "zones" of space is one way to help create the appearance of the room. It could be as easy as utilizing a carpet to delineate a section of the area or the wall paint and décor. You can consider doing these things for your next project:

#1. Get Creative with Your Lighting

Natural light brightens a room's interior and makes it appear spacious. It is ideal if you have access to such an element, but don't be discouraged if you don't. You can use lighting fixtures to create some unique effects. You'll be surprised at how much of a difference one tiny change can make.

Allow natural light into your building through expansive windows to quickly connect the interior to the outdoors, allowing you to expand your living space. To obtain more light in, use sheer window coverings or draw them back ultimately. Put flowers or plants near the windows if the view is poor, and use lighting to brighten the space.

As lighting often contributes to some heating issues, make sure to give special attention to the HVAC in the building before any other consideration. Also, install HVAC access doors to efficiently and safely access these parts in your building.

#2. Use a Harmony of Colors to Make the Space Bigger

You can also use color to make a room appear bigger. Light paint colors are well known in the design world for making a room appear larger and brighter. Light and brilliant walls reflect more light, creating a place that feels open and airy and maximizing the influence of natural light.

Dark colors absorb light and make spaces appear small. Another option is to use accent walls. Accent walls offer a splash of color to the room without becoming overpowering. If you are having trouble, it may be one of the reasons to hire a professional remodeling contractor immediately to avoid costly mistakes.

So, which colors make a space appear more prominent? Soft tones like off-white, greens, and blues, for the best effect, recall that brighter areas feel more extensive and welcoming. Another trick is to use a lighter hue for your wall trim and moldings than you do for your walls. The walls will appear to be further back; as a result, making your area look even more extensive.

#3. Create a Place Where Attention Gravitates

Figure out how to make a place appear larger by establishing a point of focus — a single location or feature that draws the eye. Most likely, that's the table in the dining room, while it's the bed in the bedroom. Organize the furnishings to draw attention to that spot, and keep the remaining room's décor to a minimum by limiting the number of accessories).

#4. Go for a Minimalistic Design

Keep your area tidy and organized by channeling your inner Zen. Not only will it bring you greater delight, but too many things make a small room feel even smaller. The visible space will appear orderly if objects are neatly arranged or out of sight. Minimalism applies to your walls as well.

Don't overcrowd your walls with artwork. When it concerns making a room appear larger, one huge artwork is preferable to a group of tiny paintings. Also, make every effort to maintain the floor as straightforward as possible. To provide the sense of additional floor space, remove huge carpets.

#5. Use More Functional Furniture

Choosing the proper furniture is an integral part of enlarging a room. For starters, use multi-functional furniture, such as a trunk that doubles as a dining table, a couch bed, or a bed with storage drawers. Foldable desks, expandable dining tables, and nesting tables are all fantastic choices that you can store away when not in use.

Remember that tall and bulky furniture can eat up much room. Select some chairs and a sofa with exposed legs and open arms. It enables light to filter through the furnishings, making the space appear larger and more relaxed.

#6. Use Mirrors

Mirrors can make a space appear more extensive and more open. To create the appearance of depth, choose a focal point and tilt your mirrors toward it.

They also reflect artificial and natural light, making a room appear brighter at all times of the day. It's advantageous to place a mirror near a window to reflect the world outside. Mirrors on the walls and glass tabletops, as well as mirrored cabinet doors, will help to open up your space.

Have you ever considered putting mirrors on the floor? It is another brilliant approach to extending your space.

#7. Utilize Every Space

Adjust the size of your furnishings to fit the space. Place oversized pieces of furniture against the walls to optimize the open space. Also, avoid obstructing paths. A room will appear tight if furniture and accessories restrict the view into it.

The diagonal is the longest straight line in any room. The eye is drawn along the longer wall when furniture gets placed at an angle. There's usually some extra storage space underneath the item, but even more so if you have a secret floor compartment that you could access through the use of floor access doors.


Even a tight space can become cozy and inviting with the right combination of colors, utilization of space and furniture, and the use of products that may give the illusion of more space like mirrors. If you need more guidance about improving your design for your project, ensure to contact a licensed professional.

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9th May 2019 Posted by Access Doors and Panels