Building 101 – Maximizing a Small Space to Look Big

Building 101 – Maximizing a Small Space to Look Big

Access Doors and Panels on 6th Apr 2018

Building 101 – Maximizing a Small Space to Look Big

When it comes to renovations and construction – there are unfortunately some limitations that just need to be worked with, in this case space. Sometimes all that one has to work with is a limited amount of square footage; however, there are ways around this particular obstacle. There are ways of maximizing the limited space and giving the illusion of more footage but more importantly, really utilizing every wall and floor – whether it be for storage or wiring.

With limited space to work it, it is important that every square inch is considered and thought out. One thing that helps with giving the illusion of space is having “zones” of space. This can be something as simple as using carpet to define a part of a room or maybe the wall décor and paint. Explicitly stating and indicating the rooms will give off the illusion of separation of space and removing the focus on the fact that the room is simply just one room. When it comes to adding these small touches can make a difference because in a way, you are taking the traditional conventions of a standard room and creating versatility and functionality.

Utility rooms have for the most part been notorious for having limited space – and more often than not these rooms serve the sole purpose of housing HVAC units, wiring and other aspects of a building or home. In this instance, taking an access panel or a valve box can actually contribute to having a cleaner look to the room. No longer will wires be hanging or will it feel like the room is in chaos due to its purpose of being a maintenance room.

When it comes to commercial buildings – the utility closet is just one “small” space they must work with, the other is the actual front of the business or industry. This is the space where the business operations take place, the living, the selling, etc. When you have a commercial building where there are limitations on how much construction and building can be done it then takes a matter of being creative with the space to show how “big” it actually is. For example, strategically placing mirrors in the room can actually give the illusion that the space is airier that it actually is. On top of adding mirrors, strategically choosing furnishing and pieces that don’t take up as much space visually can again give the illusion of space. Rather than have one large table or desk, having two smaller corner tables can make it seem like there is a lot more space than there actually is. Looking to maximizing storing things? Having an access panel storage system can deceive the eye as the storage would become part of a wall that can in turn be used to add mirrors or art work.

On a budget? Really do not have a lot of space to work with? Paint the space white. When you paint a wall white it creates a brighter space which makes a space feel bigger. With white walls also, it allows for pieces to stick out and again give the illusion of space. Imagine a blank canvas of space to work with!

Get creative and be clever with concealing and creating functionality. Access panels are a great option when it comes to not only concealing certain aspects of a room but also, they are a great way to create a clean finish of functionality.

Imagine wanting to soundproof a space and provide a secure spot – you can when you have invest in a soundproof access panel. Access panels are a great alternative to a simple drywall or plain wall build. Access panels – no matter which one you choose to go with, will create functionality, create professionalism as well as maximize the space.

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6th Apr 2018 Access Doors and Panels

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