Maintaining building components is essential in every commercial facility. Installing floor access panels will prevent delays when the technicians reach the valves and wires underneath the floor. If not for accessing these critical assets, you can also use these panels to provide convenient and secure access between building floors.

Prepare to be amazed at our various styles and dimensions from our collection of industry-leading floor access doors. Depending on your building's access requirements, we have Flush Aluminum Floor Hatches and Recessed Aluminum Floor Doors.

For applications where a standard swing door panel is unsuitable, you can rely on our Hinged and Removable Floor Hatches for a smooth and easy door operation. The removable feature is ideal when a piece of fixed furniture or component is near the access point. The exterior part of both panels also comes in different materials such as vinyl, ceramic, and diamond to blend seamlessly with the installation surface.

We also have floor access panels in an angle or channel frame construction. Our floor hatch collection also includes high-quality Watertight, Floodtight, and Gastight for these applications.

Furthermore, every commercial building must comply with local fire building regulations to ensure the structure's safety and its occupants. Our unique Fire-Rated Floor Door not only helps in LEED certification but also helps in improving safety with its UL-listed 165 degree fusible link for automatic closing and latching.

Order your floor hatch today! Our products are built with impressive features and accessories to safeguard critical components. Contact our team today at (800) 609-2917.