Did you know that there is a variety of floor access doors to choose from depending on any specific situation? A floor hatch allows easy access to pipes and wires installed and running just below a floor’s surface. Most important of all, these doors help ensure the smooth operation of building utilities by preventing rain or leaks from entering.

At Access Doors and Panels, our line of floor doors includes channel frame (watertight), fire-rated, flood tight, flush aluminum, flush steel, gastight, H20 loading, hinged recessed aluminum, removable, and watertight. We also offer floor door accessories such as aluminum mounted wall-mounted ladders.

Our popular offers include aluminum floor access panel flush smooth plate - KARP. The KAFA is also available in a variety of panels including recessed ⅛” for resilient tile, smooth, abrasive coated and embossed diamond pattern. Frames are easy to install and are sealed with a rubber cork strip. KARP floor door assembly also includes 10-24 x ¾ Stainless Steel FHMS screws. 

Access Doors and Panels’ new standard duty watertight hinged floor access doors KARP provides sturdy access in any concrete application. The KFD-SD-WT is standard duty and is watertight, spring-assisted, and can be equipped with either stainless steel snap lock or removable T handle-standard. Moreover, this door has a clear opening of 90 degrees and automatically locks in that position with a stainless steel hold open arm with a red vinyl grip. 

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