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When it comes to concealing combustible components below floors, a fire-rated access door is ideal for installation. At Access Doors And Panels, we have fire-rated floor hatches that are designed to meet building codes and other specific requirements. Made with solid stainless steel and can be cast into concrete, these doors come in different standard sizes 24” x 24”, 24” x 30”, 24” x 36”, 30” x 30”, 30” x 36”, 36” x 36”, 36” x 48”, and 48” x 48” today.

Our fire-rated floor hatch from Acudoris designed to maintain the fire rating of a 2-hour floor-ceiling assembly in interior applications. Its angle frame construction with Anchor flange is manufactured to be cast into concrete. Its special feature is a flush aluminum diamond plate cover that is provided with a U.L. listed 165-degree fusible link for automatic closing and latching in the event of smoke or fire.

Moreover, our FRFD series fire-rated floor doors further feature an aluminum door & top frame; stainless steel bottom frame, hinges, and hardware, stainless steel slam latch assembly with an interior release, type 316 stainless steel continuous piano hinge and mill finish. This door has a load rating of 150 lbs/sq ft.

Interested in buying one? Check product availability today. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at 1-800-609-2917. Buy our fire-rated floor hatch now!

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