Most Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Construction and Renovation

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Construction and Renovation

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 6th May 2020

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Construction and Renovation

Are you planning on a simple office renovation? Or maybe a full-building commercial construction? If you are, then we're telling you that it starts with proper planning. Whether you have experience in the process or not, planning for every commercial construction and renovation should begin by asking your prospective contractor the right questions. Asking questions will help educate and prepare yourself, your team, and your space for the impending construction or renovation. We provided you with this blog containing the most frequently asked questions (and their answers!) that will surely be handy in guiding you through the initial steps of planning your construction project.

FAQs on Commercial Construction

Question 1: How should I plan for my commercial building construction?

Answer: Building construction planning involves three significant steps:

1. Develop a building plan - After you have chosen the site where your building project will rise, the first step you should take is to hire the expertise of engineers and architects to develop the site and the building plan.

2. Analyze the finance and total cost - Once you already have a building plan, the next step is to estimate the project's finance and total cost. The estimated price will include the material cost, construction cost, labor cost, and miscellaneous cost if anything goes out of hand.

3. Select the right construction team - The final step is to hand over the project to the right contractor and legally bind everything in a valid and binding contract. You and your contractor must agree to the contract based on the project's terms. The contract must also contain the project's completion period and the necessary guides and terms to implement the same.

Question 2: Do I need to get building permits and insurance for my commercial construction?

Answer: The answer to this is yes. Before the building's construction starts, make sure that you have the necessary permits to start the construction. Any construction project without the required licenses may result in project delays, project demolitions, or huge fines. Moreover, obtaining insurance for the required parties helps to save both owner and the contractor in case of accidents.

Question 3: What should I do with the job site? Do I need to conduct an inspection?

Answer: This part is actually where the construction process starts. When preparing the site based on the site and building plan, necessary excavations, leveling, and filling should be done. It is also essential to have the proper hole for utilities, power, water, temporary storage facilities, and sanitation lines. They then follow it with an inspection from government officials, which occurs at different construction stages, such as the utilities, HVAC, electrical works, etc. Once the project is complete, a final inspection will then immediately proceed.

Question 4: What type of foundation should I have?

Answer: Of course, building structures are generally-constructed on concrete foundations. However, the foundation chosen can vary depending on the soil type and water table level. You can also perform a soil testing to check the bearing capacity, if necessary. For low-rise buildings they require shallow foundations, while high-rise buildings require a pile foundation.

Question 5: What is the importance of having a warranty?

Answer: A warranty is important because once the project is complete and turned over to the owner, and in case defects are discovered in the building, the contractor in charge will have to fix or replace it. On the other hand, you can obtain a warranty for materials and appliances from manufacturers and suppliers.

FAQs on Commercial Renovation

Question 1: How long will the renovation take?

Answer: Out of all the commercial renovation questions, this is the most common question that contractors hear from clients. Unfortunately, we are telling you as early as now that schedules should never be fully-set in stone. You should maintain an open mind when it comes to unexpected events during the renovation. However, most reputable construction contractors will sit down with their clients to pre-plan as best as possible and provide estimated arrival times for specialty materials. They will also budget time for each stage of the renovation to ensure that quality work is complete.

Question 2: How much will the renovation cost me?

Answer: The second most frequently asked question is usually an inquiry about the cost of the project. By careful planning, having a realistic mindset, and a feasible project will result in a reasonable estimate of the costs. You also have to be open about possible additional charges depending on material arrivals, staffing, and unforeseen problems. Moreover, you should again hire a contractor that will try to stick as much as possible to your predetermined budget.

Question 3: Can we still use the space while the renovation is ongoing?

Answer: Actually, many offices still opt to continue working with their spaces during a commercial renovation to reduce downtime. However, it is dependent on the type of job that you've hired contractors for. There's a good chance that construction won't affect the vast majority of your space if your contractor only needs access to a specific part. Contractors are great at barricading off their worksite and keeping dust to a minimum.

Question 4: Do I need permits?

Answer: Of course, you do-- for most things. Your contractor will help you plan which permits to apply for and which types of updates you don't need. Consult with your local municipal office to inquire about what kind of permits you'll need for the renovation project.

Question 5: Who makes the design for the renovation?

Answer: You may not know this, but a contractor is not always a competent designer and architect. A contractor is a purpose-built entity that makes designs come to life by constructing blueprints and plans. It's either you have to look for a contractor that also offers design services, or you have to find your designer and a separate contractor.

Now that you know about the most frequently asked questions about commercial construction and renovation, you're probably ready to ask questions about getting the right construction materials. To begin, we have a wide selection of access doors and panels to satisfy your construction needs. Check out our product line today!

6th May 2020 Posted by Access Doors and Panels