Common FAQ’s for Contractors

Common FAQ’s for Contractors

Access Doors and Panels on 12th Apr 2018

Common FAQ’s for Contractors

As a contractor, there will be times that potential and existing clients will have questions. We share 5 of the most Frequently Asked Questions encountered by contracts by clients and how to answer them as well.

1. How many years of experience do you have? – This is a question that any contractor can expect to have asked. Regardless of the number of years you have worked in the field or industry, clients and customers want to know how much much experience you have. It is important as a contractor though to ask what they are seeking in terms of experience, someone could have graduated or gained the training 15 years ago; however, only have 5-10 years of actual experience. So be sure to ask for clarification but more importantly be honest.

2. Can I get a quote before hand and is there a fee for a consultation? – When a contractor has been called, it usually means that the client or customer doesn’t have the training, or capabilities like that of a contractor. For some, price isn’t an issue; however, for others, they have a clear idea on the budget and what they want for a certain price. When a client is asking for a quote and or consultation, they are seeing whether or not the can not only afford your services but what are the solutions you are willing to provide to their problems. For some contractors, they will offer a free quote and consultation to give clients an idea of what they can expect along with a timeline, some however, choose to offer one or the other. Regardless of choice, it’s important that if you offer both a quote and consultation or just one of the two, you provide them with the information necessary to make an informed decision but also to choose you over a competitor.

3. Where and how do we begin? - Seeking out a contractor can sometimes be overwhelming and once they have selected a specific contractor then comes the big question – what next? How do we being the process of work? Here the client is asking because they are overwhelmed and want to know what now. It’s important to address what it is you will require to get the job done. Will you require access to the site before the actual work? If there is a budget, this is where the planning of splitting of costs is important. The last thing both parties want to encounter is getting half way through a project only to realize there isn’t enough money to continue. It is better to plan and prep but also ensure that the clients and customers are involved.

4. Do you provide clean up or removal during and after the job? – Maybe the job is drywall or installing windows – or maybe the job is a complete overhaul of a section of a building, the client and customer want to know what happens to the mess. Who is responsible for the clean up and or removal of the large pieces of metal, wood, or plaster. If your company covers these services, indicate that with the client so they are not only aware but so they know that they can rest assured your company will take care of the clean up either during or after. If there is a cost involved or packages for the clean up, let the client know. It is important to discuss this before executing the job as if there are fees involved, make sure there is funding allocated.

5. How much notice must I give if I want to make changes or adjustments? – Sometimes during the process a client may come back and ask for cutbacks or modfications, the client will want to know if at any point during the job they can make changes. For some contractors this is okay; however, for some, any changes could drastically impact not only the bottom line but also the expected completion date. On a larger scale, if you and your company have other projects on the go, a delay in one could result in the delay of another; therefore, it is important to be upfront and honest with the client. If they are allowed to be hands on and heavily involved to the point they can make changes, let them know – if not, also let them know. Whether it is maybe making these adjustments after or finding a solution that works for all, being upfront about how you and your company operate will provide a nice transparency of the process.

Whether you are a contractor, or maybe you are a client looking to hire a contractor, FAQ’s help to not only ease ones thoughts about the process but provide the necessary information to make an informed choice.

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