Choosing the Right Soundproof Access Panels for Your Gym

Choosing the Right Soundproof Access Panels for Your Gym

Access Doors and Panels on 12th Jan 2022

Choosing the Right Soundproof Access Panels for Your Gym

Most of the time, gyms are spaces that could become very noisy. Gyms have an intended design that holds gym classes and athletic events, but they frequently double as a multi-purpose facility for many other activities. Noise generation, transmission, and impacts in a gym, generally known as acoustics, might have a more significant detrimental influence than many believe, even though you rarely get a gym noise complaint.

Gym acoustics, ranging from the piercing sound of a coach's whistle to shouting audiences cheering for the home team, generate noise levels that make communication and attention difficult and lead to noise-related hearing loss. Sound-absorbing materials in the gym have a great advantage for everyone involved.

The gym's design may require the installation of acoustic panels in the wall or ceiling to absorb and convert echoes out of the space to lessen gym noise. Consequently, background noise levels drop, resulting in clearer communication, reduced noise levels from crowds, and audible, non-blurred speaker systems.

How Does a Sound Proof Access Panel Work?

Sound suppression is non-existent or minimal in typical access panels. It is mainly the scenario because sound can still pass through the spaces between the frame and the door. Because a flat access panel door does not typically have insulation, sound can still resonate through the material (metal or plastic) and transmit to either side even when closed.

Soundproof access panels that have good grades are the solution. These panels function in conjunction with similar sound-rated walls to fill any gaps in the soundproofing barrier. The material composition of these panels is thick or low-gauge metal. It possesses a specialized sound-blocking door setup for insulation, heavy-duty rubber gaskets and is sealed with a special sound-absorbing sealant on its mounting surface. It offers similar, if not better, acoustic suppression as a suitable soundproof wall.

What Makes a Decent Soundproof Access Panel?

Due to the soundproof access panel's thick door, which is typically 2-inches or thicker than standard access doors and has a layer of sound blocking insulation, most decent soundproof access panels have a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 47. It has an applied high-duty ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber coating to the frame surface that touches the door to ensure an airtight seal.

Finally, as with any soundproof installation, the entire assembly must be sealed with an acoustic blocking sealer like Green Glue. These elements work as one to create the ideal soundproof access panel. However, keep in mind that it is only as good as the wall it's mounted on, and vice versa. There must be soundproofing on the wall and the access panel to make the whole structure effective against acoustic concerns.

What to Look For in a Sound Proof Access Panel?

Remember to check if your soundproof access panel has a certification from one of the traditional regulatory agencies, such as Intertek Warnock Hersey, to ensure that the product meets the required level of quality control. It would also be best for this type of product to possess approval from the HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Requirements for Patient Privacy in medical facilities and the General Services Administration (GSA) Acoustic Isolation Ratings for courtrooms judicial settings.

As a general guideline, any added utility, such as an access panel, should mirror the features of your wall. For example, you place a regular access panel against a fire-rated wall; heat will inevitably enter that one weak point and destroy all. Sound is the same way. A standard access door on a sound-rated wall, on the other hand, will render the entire structure unusable for its original function.


There are many other factors to consider when trying to soundproof an area, especially naturally sound conducive ones. Planning to do things the correct way may seem tedious but necessary to create a managed space. For this reason, you must consult with a reputable licensed professional for a better viewpoint and advice.

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