Why Investing in Quality Access Doors Makes Good Business Sense

Why Investing in Quality Access Doors Makes Good Business Sense

Access Doors And Panels on 1st Feb 2023

Why Investing in Quality Access Doors Makes Good Business Sense

Many building owners overlook the valuable benefits that installing access doors can deliver to their establishments. From handy functions and long-lasting value to elegant and professional-like aesthetics, these are only some significant advantages it can bring to your table.

Access panels are undoubtedly one of the best business investments an entrepreneur should consider. If these reasons aren't enough to persuade you to purchase your own, read further into this article and discover more about access doors and panels' purposes, especially in commercial structures. Here are the six answers to the whys:

1. Boost safety and security

Your electrical and plumbing facilities can put your building's operation or someone's life in danger if exposed to the public. Thankfully, expert solutions such as access doors and panels can securely conceal your wires, cables, gas, and plumbing pipes against unauthorized access and safeguard your building's operation from disruptions or accidents that can put individuals' lives at risk.

Panels usually come with a functional latch or locking mechanism that adds an extra layer of security to your essential establishment facilities. Depending on your space demands, you can choose from a long list of security panels that can grant you high or medium security if safety and protection are your top priority in installing access doors. This simple panel saves your business from risky situations resulting in massive losses and damages.

2. Easy maintenance, cleaning, and repair access

Your structure's facilities and equipment regularly require cleaning, maintenance, and repair. Oft-times, these utilities' locations are in the hard-to-reach wall, ceiling, roof, and floor areas. Hence, you need to provide your hired specialists with an easy and convenient access point, so they can do their tasks efficiently and finish them on time.

Most available access doors and panels in the market have the user's convenience in mind. Therefore, all its primary types, whether general-purposefire-rated, or drywall, have one thing in common: they give instant access to facilities. Access panels are a worthwhile investment as you can expect no productivity delays that will force you to spend more on labor costs.

3. Provides additional storage space

What's in trend nowadays in construction and interior design is maximizing every corner of the owner's space. Instead of renting a storage room to place your other items, putting access doors in your attic or the little corner under your stairs is more cost-efficient.

A wide range of ceiling and attic access doors can help you maximize each space available in your commercial establishment. You can opt to attach a draft stop, drop-in, drywall inlay, fire-rated, flush, gypsum, magnetic, or recessed doors, according to what your ceiling or attic corner allows.

If there's a space available behind your wall, you can just place a metal box on it and conceal it with any suitable wall access panel, and voila! You now have an extra storage area within your building.

4. Adds fire-resistance value to the structure

Another reason that makes access doors and panels a wise investment is the fire-resistance value it contributes to your building. Its daily and sometimes continuous operation makes commercial structures vulnerable to fire breakouts.

Thus, building owners need to equip their establishments with enough fire-resistant utilities that can withstand the massive spread of fire, giving fire agency departments sufficient time to contain the fire and preventing huge fire damage.

You can arm your building structure with 45-minute, 90-minute, 1-hour, 2-hour, 2.5-hour, and 3-hour fire-rated access panels. Remember only to trust access door tools that surpass the stringent UL and NFPA standards to ensure that the panels perform excellently.

5. Contributes to the building's lasting value

Durability is another critical factor making access doors and panels a cost-effective investment. These utilities have the power to protect your facilities and the entire building itself from various environmental issues, such as moisture, mildew, rust, corrosion, and many more.

This way, your facility's lifespan can last for a long time with minimal repairs required. Access panels such as the BP58 II Drywall Panel Door are perfect for you to rely on as it provides essential moisture and mold growth protection to your treasured facilities.

6. Gives the establishment a clean and professional look

Exposed pipes, wires, and cables can destroy the elegance of your commercial building. Fortunately, access doors and panels give business owners both functional and aesthetically-pleasing options to hide these fixtures behind a neat and professional-looking door.

There are access panels that present a clean white finish or mill finish look. Some even offer a paintable surface, so you can make the access panel blend seamlessly beside its surroundings.

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1st Feb 2023 Access Doors And Panels