​Access Panels – Food For Thought

​Access Panels – Food For Thought

Access Doors and Panels on 15th Aug 2018

​Access Panels – Food For Thought

Choosing the perfect  access panel to install can sometimes be a difficult one. Access panels are unlike the normal doors we find around our house or office, let alone install. With access panels, one can’t just decide on a color or the material, rather there are many factors to consider in choosing the perfect panel. From understanding the purpose, to building code requirements – there are a few more considerations to keep in mind. In a way, because of the versatility of the access door, they are able to conceal openings both on the wallfloor and ceiling as well as act as a form of insulation or sound barrier.

Looking to purchase a panel? Consider these questions for yourself and your contractor.

What is the purpose of the panel?

Before you begin the purchase of an access door, it’s important to consider the purpose of the door. This is essential if you are looking to purchase a fire-rated access panel because the installation of such an access panel is different than that of the installation of a general all-purpose access door.

When installing a fire-rated access panel depending on the location (floor, ceiling or wall) this essentially will decide the material, but more importantly it will impact the overall fire-rating of the access panel. If you aren’t sure of the location or the fire-rating, contractors and access panel specialists can help determining your needs, fire-rated or not.

What material will help you meet your needs?

Once the purpose for your need for a panel has been established, it is then important to pick the correct material that will meet your access panel needs and purposes. This means considering the wall or floor that it will be installed to the use of the panel. For example, one who chooses to install an exterior access door, are going to find that many of them are made with aluminum. This is done to prevent any corrosion but also to protect against any possible exterior elements. One would not chose nor would someone recommend an exterior access panel made of materials that are not water resistant – as that could result in mold and mildew.

What is your budget?

When it comes to access panels there are a few costs to consider, the actual panel itself as well as the installation. Depending on your skillset and comfort level, one can purchase the correct panel and install them itself; however, if you are looking to hire a skilled contractor this can add to expenses. Overall, depending on where one goes to purchase panels, the costs will range from the material, quality and purpose; however, it does not mean one must pay exuberant prices for a panel.

Access Doors and Panels understands the budget needs and constraints contractors and builders often encounter which is why they offer a wide range of panels from various price ranges – it’s a guarantee you will find one that not only meets your building needs but budget needs as well.

Make a knowledgeable purchase

Regardless of one is access panel selection, it is always to consider the purpose of the panel because choosing the wrong panel could limit the maximum functionality of the door. With access panels, clients and contractors alike may think they have an aesthetic appeal that is industrial or commercial and sometimes isn’t always appealing; however, with the variety in materials from drywall, to plaster and plastic, this means clients can customize the panels to meet their aesthetic appeal. To view a wide array of panels to suit any project, visit www.accessdoorsandpanels.com for reasonable and quality panels for all your building needs – commercial or residential. 

15th Aug 2018 Access Doors and Panels