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As a builder providing for their clients to get their properties LEED-certified, you should suggest the installation of fire rated access doors. Use Access Doors and Panels fire-rated ceiling access doors for an additional fire assistance benefit when requiring to access crawl spaces in ceilings. We have a special product line of fire-rated panels that include upward opening, downward opening, and downward opening with drywall flange. 

Featuring our fire-rated access door for drywall surfaces - stainless steel which is one of our new products from KARP-- the KRP-350FR. This door has a stainless steel finish with a textured frame and bead so the drywall joint compound can be applied in sufficient thickness to conceal the flange. This door is insulated and rated by Underwriters Laboratories for 1.5 hours "B" label in walls and by Warnock Hersey for 3 hours in ceilings.

At Access Doors and Panels, we also take pride in our insulated fire-rated access door from the MIFAB product selection, which is likewise approved by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for 1 ½ hour, “B” label in walls and is approved by Warnock Hersey for 2 hours in ceilings and 3 hours in walls. The door meets ANSI-UL 10B standards and can be used in walls and ceilings.

Install fire-rated access panels for drywall ceilings from Access Doors and Panels for fire safety in your commercial, industrial, or residential buildings. Add this door to your cart now!

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