What Are The Benefits of Adding a Skylight In Your Commercial Building?

What Are The Benefits of Adding a Skylight In Your Commercial Building?

Access Doors and Panels on 15th Feb 2023

What Are The Benefits of Adding a Skylight In Your Commercial Building?

With how effective skylights are in lowering a building's energy cost, it would only be natural for you to be curious about everything it has to offer. Depending on the type of roof designs you have, you would probably need specific kinds of skylights. Allowing natural light to enter different parts of the building will help you save on energy costs and create a more calming and natural ambiance that helps people feel at ease. Know more about skylights and what they have to offer below.

What is A Skylight?

skylight is more commonly known as a roof light. It was created around the mid-20th century and has been one of the most beneficial structural designs. It is a light-permitting structure that you install on your roofs. It provides the building with natural light and ventilation, and the material for these skylights is usually translucent glass.

Nowadays, you can find a roof skylight that you can install in your building immediately. With the skylights' development through the years, they are an essential aspect of any commercial or industrial building, and you can easily find them in the market. Skylights like FAKRO's DEF are perfect for flat roofs, provide natural light, ventilate a room, and are high-performing with ideal thermal insulation parameters. There are different types of skylights on the market today, and finding one that meets all your needs will be easy.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Skylight?

Natural light has already proven very beneficial, especially with the correct exposure. These benefits can include increased creativity, reduced anxiety, elevated mood, and lower blood pressure. Access Doors and Panels have a collection of skylights, roof hatches like the DRL metal roof hatch, and roof ladders that can brighten, lighten and make any building safer and more convenient.

Here are additional benefits to installing skylights in your commercial buildings:

1. Energy Efficiency: The main benefit of skylights is that they lessen the need for fluorescent lights in your building. With the correct number and size of skylights, you would only need to turn on these lights in areas that are not directly under the skylight or only during the nighttime.

2. Ventilation: Another benefit you can get from your skylights is ventilation. Most skylights have an opening and closing mechanism. So, when the weather is good, you can use your skylights to provide natural air inside your buildings. It has its share of health benefits and will help provide proper ventilation inside your buildings.

3. Easy Installation: The design of skylights today are for easy installation. You won't have to go through so much trouble to have them on your flat roofs. If you need a skylight that can handle a live load, FAKRO's DXW flat roof skylight provides a load capacity and a non-slip surface.

4. Solar Power Benefits: By providing your commercial space with natural light, if you have any solar-powered appliances inside the building, they would benefit from the skylight.

5. Ambiance and Aesthetics: With the way skylights are designed today, you won't have to worry about the atmosphere and aesthetics of your building. Skylights are here to provide natural light while maintaining the beauty of the design of the building.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Skylight Today!

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15th Feb 2023 Access Doors and Panels