Enjoy These 5 Advantages When You Install a Walkable Skylight

Enjoy These 5 Advantages When You Install a Walkable Skylight

Access Doors and Panels on 25th Aug 2022

Enjoy These 5 Advantages When You Install a Walkable Skylight

According to Marketwatch, skylights are trending in the construction industry. Daylighting is a construction technique involving the installation of skylights, windows, or other openings to allow natural light to enter a commercial building. Natural light offers many benefits to your establishment and occupants, from reducing energy costs to improving health and well-being. For this reason, one of the most sought-after innovations is skylights!

In general, skylights are glazed openings on a pitched or flat roof designed to provide more light to your commercial building. They can also improve airflow with vented options!

Fakro recently released another world-class product - a Walkable Flat Roof Skylight. Its seamless design cohesively fits with your existing flat roof. It not only provides calming natural light, but it's also a safe, walkable surface. This skylight's reinforced design, anti-slip coating, and laminated external glass provide many benefits to any commercial building and the people inside. Let's take a closer look at the benefits!

Advantage #1: Improved Aesthetics

Architectural designs often feature glass for its functionality and aesthetics. It adds simplicity and elegance since natural light adds beauty. Modern layouts use glass to create an open, airy ambiance, a sense of refinement, and a contemporary, minimalist feel.

Advantage #2: Increased Safety

Conducting roof maintenance, repairs, and inspections can be risky, requiring proper training and safety gear. Walking on a breakable skylight is dangerous. Because of this issue, manufacturing companies like Fakro created walkable skylights to minimize accidents.

Advantage #3: Enhanced Security

Skylights can also enhance security in your commercial buildings. Fakro's walkable skylight adds security thanks to its reinforced design, offering increased resistance to attempted break-ins - another advantage for building occupants working after hours and protection for your building.

Advantage #4: Better Utilized Space

Adding a skylight to a cramped room with small windows and limited power can make the space more functional and accessible. If there are areas in your commercial building with minimal lighting, why not let the power of sunlight invigorate those corners? It saves on renovation costs and allows you to make the most of your existing layout.

Advantage #5: Reduced Energy Costs

Using natural light to brighten a space provides a more attractive, comfortable light than synthetic bulbs that rely on electricity. In addition, allowing natural light into a space can aid in heating a room. Installing skylights can reduce your dependence on electrical energy sources or other means of artificial light, especially during long summer days. In turn, you'll enjoy higher energy efficiency and reduced costs!

Let’s Get Started!

When you install walkable skylights in your commercial buildings, you will enjoy improved aesthetics, increased safety, enhanced security, more efficient use of space, and reduced energy costs! Get in touch, and our product experts will guide you through selecting the best skylights for your next project! Call (800) 609-2917 to start the process. 

25th Aug 2022 Access Doors and Panels