Top 5 Hidden Rooms with Access Panels

Top 5 Hidden Rooms with Access Panels

Access Doors and Panels on 23rd Jun 2021

Top 5 Hidden Rooms with Access Panels

Some homes are not what they seem, even on the inside. There are structures built with some protection in mind. This protection may come from a position where the owners know that their lives are at risk or want to have room to enjoy privacy and peace, like a fun cave for those who love their hobbies.

Often, the materials for these rooms are of metal with damage-resistant qualities. Access to these rooms is often through security panels for safety standards and features that blend in with the room. These materials can sustain heavy damages and buy some time when there is a forced entry.

Read more about "Common Building Metals" if you want additional insights about the building material for such rooms.

Top Hidden Rooms

#1. Hidden Behind a Bookshelf

The most common entrance to a hidden room is a bookshelf. It is so common that it borders on being cliche because there are many movies where you can see these kinds of entries. There are times when a hinge reveals a hidden room, but mostly it's a door-sized bookshelf built into the wall that is a door that you can open and walk behind.

Installing a lock on the backside of your door attached to a cable allows you to be more imaginative about how your door opens. Connect the cable to a woodblock by threading it through the bookshelf. Conceal the woodblock with a book cover and use a hinge to attach it to the shelf. Pull the cable forward when you tip the "book" on, which unlocks the latch.

#2. Hidden in Wainscot Walls and Coffered

Interior paneling in general, and especially paneling that only covers the lower portion of an interior wall or partition, is known as a wainscot. It is typically made of wood and serves a decorative or defensive function. People in the past also use Tiles and Marble.

Wainscoting comes in five different styles: beadboard, overlay, raised panel, flat panel, batten, and board. You can purchase prefabricated panels and other trim parts to add wainscotting to your wall and secret door easily. It will expedite the implementation process.

#3. Hidden in the Floors

There are hidden rooms that you can access through a floor hatch. These rooms are also uncommon and a great way to gain entry into a basement where you can enjoy doing your hobbies, like playing video games and playing poker. You can also put away some comic books or even keep priceless art and wine collection protected in this room.

Bear in mind that your floor hatch will be larger than you think it needs to be when designing it. When going down or up the stairs, the floor needs to open up wide enough so that you don't hit your head. You should also add hydraulic cannons to open the door quickly. Consider adding a handrail to the underside of your hatch door for added protection.

#4. Hidden in Paneled Walls

The beauty of a hidden paneled door is that you might be looking at it and not even realize it's there. To the untrained eye, the wall appears to be one continuous wall with no breaks. This sort of hidden entrance is a little simpler to make because you can use a regular door and cover it with panels.

#5. Hidden in Cabinetry

A cabinet with a secret door will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen or dining room. Since you already have cabinetry in these rooms, making a false cabinet that doubles as a door will be easy. You'll disguise the door to look like another cabinet door, complete with matching hardware, making this look work.

If you have custom cabinets, you can have a cabinet door made to your specifications by a carpenter. If your cabinets aren't custom, you can get the same look by covering a regular door with a cabinet-style door. Instead of a doorknob, make sure to use cabinet hardware.


These are some fun ways on how to add spice to your building. Secret rooms are fun and also provide a way for people to feel safe in an uncertain situation. Panic rooms, as they are called today, these rooms can save lives and are also a room where you can enjoy doing your hobbies in private. If you want one for your building, consider consulting a professional for more advice. 

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