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Security panels are great at preserving access to spaces behind them while also meeting safety standards. The heavy-duty construction and tamper-proof lock made these doors ideal for installation in high-security areas and correctional facilities. At Access Doors and Panels, you will be able to find the fire-rated, high security, medium security, and top security access doors you need for your special project. Check out our products now!

Featuring our popular high-security fire-rated access with flange from Cendrex. It is insulated with 2-inch thick mineral wool and manufactured with high-quality steel. Its special features include a one-inch flange for flush installation on any surface. It can provide efficient access to your plumbing, electrical, and other components in your walls and ceilings. The PFI-HS has a fire rating of 1 ½ hour to 3 hours for installation in vertical wall assemblies and 1 hour (combustible) to 3 hours (non-combustible) for installations in horizontal wall installations.

If you need security or detention doors, we recommend the MIlcor 3211 access door series. It is constructed with a special stainless steel butt hinge, a detention-type deadbolt lock to prevent unauthorized access, tamper-proof screws for additional security, and prime painted steel finish. Milcor security access doors for walls and ceilings provide critical security and tamper-proof access where security is of primary importance. This security door is available and ready to ship to your address in just 4-5 days.

Use our reliable security wall access panels now to control access to critical areas behind walls and ceilings. For orders and inquiries, give us a call right away! You can reach us through our service hotline at 1-800-609-2917.

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