Common Building Metals

Common Building Metals

Access Doors and Panels on 31st May 2018

Common Building Metals

When we think of construction and building design, we sometimes think that all that makes a structure is metal and wood; however, the reality is that there is so much more to that just metal structure. Access Doors and Panels looks at common metals used in construction and the benefits that comes with choosing one over another.

Carbon Steel

This type of metal is a commonly used metal in construction as it is known for being sturdy and stronger than other common metals. This alloy is a common choice for creating supporting beams and framework of a building structure – outside a building, carbon steel is often used for highways and bridges. One of the reasons that carbon steel is a reliable choice for contractors is that it is made combining carbon and iron together.


For contractors whose project are exposed to the elements or there are chances for corrosion and rusting – aluminum is a number one choice for builders. Next to carbon steel, aluminum is a second choice as aluminum is conductive and ductile – not to mention that it is perfect for structures that are exposed to harsh elements. This is one reason that they are used for windows, doors and street lights. When working with metal they can come as sheets which are then melted or worked into tubes and castings.

Due to its versatility and functionality, aluminum is a metal that can be found on cars, bikes, HVAC ducts as well as the interior and exterior of buildings like walls and roofs. Lightweight, it is hard to find a building or really any industrial project that does not have some aspect of aluminum in it.


One of the original and oldest metals to be used in construction – this metal has been around for centuries in structures that have stood the test of time and wear and tear. Also because of the fact this metal has been around for centuries upon centuries it is also one of the most recycled metals. Similar to aluminum it is corrosion and stain resistant – some of the buildings that were made with stainless steel include the Chrysler Building in New York which demonstrates its durability and strength.

The great thing about stainless steel is that based on the different percentages of metal mixed in with the steel it can create different grades of stainless steel. The most common grade of stainless steel is 301, which many welders work with when making roofs and handrails. For contractors and designers, choosing to build and work with steel means choosing a metal that is sustainable and cost friendly unlike some of its other metals like copper or titanium.


This choice of metal is typically found in piping and plumbing, and sometimes wiring. It is a flexible and easily manipulated metal which is why it is a common choice for pieces that requiring altering, welding and melting.


Of all the metals, titanium is one metal that is considered to be an extra strong metal despite it being lightweight. This metal, similar to copper is not typically incorporated in a buildings structure but rather what composes the building such as the heating and cooling systems of a building. It has a high level of corrosion making it a great choice for doors or things that have a high exposure to the elements.

This deceivingly lightweight and strong metal is sometimes also used as a means of adding extra reinforcement for security because it is such a strong metal.

Whether you are choosing aluminum, steel or a combination of metal and lumber – knowing that some building materials are better than others are important as it will contribute to the longevity of the buildings structure and lifetime. For a look quality access panels that come either as aluminum or steel, check out our inventory at Access Doors and Panels – your quality inventory of long-lasting and durable products perfect for any building big and small.

31st May 2018 Access Doors and Panels