Aluminum (Weather Resistant)

Aluminum (Weather Resistant)

Exterior and interior access doors differ in design and function. When it comes to outdoor applications, the doors that are intended for such applications have more durable construction and insulation and cannot be replaced by a standard interior unit. Shop with Access Doors and Panels today to help you find the material that safe to use for a specific application

We have exterior access doors that offer greater weather resistance with its aluminum construction. This door is widely used by builders for protecting and preserving access to plumbing, electrical, and HVAC components located outdoors.

Our EXT series is now available in 8 multiple commercials, industrial, and residential standard sizes. It is a universal, exterior, non-rated access panel made from a 20 ga/1mm plate or aluminum providing strength and rigidness. Its popular features include a welded aluminum frame and an inner aluminum frame with an aluminum inlay and a key-operated turn latch closure. Also, its door is on the continuous stainless steel piano hinge and suitable for left - or - right - hand operation.

When you purchase this weather-resistant exterior panel from FF Systems, you can also choose between an optional non-locking or locking handle. It has dual-acting non-locking handles enable you to open this door from inside or outside. 

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