Top 10 Access Doors and Panels for Your Next Project

Top 10 Access Doors and Panels for Your Next Project

Access Doors and Panels on 22nd May 2019

Top 10 Access Doors and Panels for Your Next Project

Looking to install an access panel but aren’t sure what one to go with? Want to increase security in your business or storage space in your office but don’t have the room or know where to begin?  Access Doors and Panels shares the Top 10 best-selling access doors and panels for your next project.

14” x 14” Shur-Lok Access Door

Looking to increase security in your business? Maybe your clients are schools, hotels or correctional services – whatever the need for security is, we offer the Shur-Lok Access Door. This galvanized steel with a reinforced channel is designed to be installed against any drywall, masonry or concrete background. Featuring an automatic spring bolt lock and key, it has a concealed hinge and a prime coated finish that can be painted over. The prime coat allows for the panel to be customized aesthetically showing that security doesn’t have to look cold and dull, it can be painted to match the surroundings.

8” x 8” x 4” Valve Box (Elmdor)

Conceal the valves and controls in the space with the VB series by Elmdor. This valve box features a fully enclosed cover and round safety corners. Designed with a screwdriver cam latch and made with galvanized steel, this valve box has a prime coat which means it can be painted to either stick out for visibility or concealed to match the surrounding wall. Don’t have valves out in the open, conceal it with a valve box from Access Doors and Panels.

10lb SafeGuard Full Recessed Extinguisher Cabinet

One thing that is found in every building, commercial or residential are fire extinguishers; however, are the fire extinguishers properly concealed or stored? Offering a 10lb safeguard full recessed fire extinguisher cabinet means you can store your fire extinguisher while still providing easy and quick access. Made with steel and featuring a baked white enamel, the box has a clear acrylic coat. The glass on the front of the door allows for those to easily and visually see the fire extinguisher.

12” X 12” Exterior Flush Access Panel - Weather Resistant

Rain, snow or wind, the 12” X 12” Exterior Flush Access Panel - Weather Resistant is the perfect addition to any industrial or commercial building. Maintain access while bearing in mind the elements that can sometimes corrode and eventually jeopardize the functionality of the access door. The insulation of the flush panel means that there would be no outside elements coming in.

30” x 72” Heavy Duty Access Door for Large Openings

Looking for a way to create accessibility but don’t want to go with a door? Why not go with our heavy-duty access door for large openings. Designed with a drywall bead flange and a pre-installed self-latching tool key, it also has a piano hinge design. This heavy-duty access door is ideal for spaces or businesses requiring easy and larger than normal access. Ideal for wall or ceiling installation.

18” x 18” Virtually Invisible Access Panel (Bauco)

Have an access panel installed and forget it’s there – that is what you get with the 18 x 18 Virtually Invisible access panel. This Bauco Plus II access panel fits perfectly into any wall or ceiling space making it virtually invisible. It features a mill finish which can match the surrounding space. It has a functional surface that if need be, can act as a door. The perimeter gasket allows for soundproofing which can be an added perk for those seeking minimal to no sound transference.

12” x 12” Exterior Insulated Access Door for Stucco

The 12” x 12” Exterior Insulated Access Door for stucco was designed to withstand all the elements of being outdoors. Made with a high-quality galvanized steel and galvanized hinges, these elements mean that clients don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion. The door is also designed with a closed-cell neoprene gasket as well as Styrofoam insulation which provides resistance against water and water vapor. Whether you are looking to install the panel to a 12 x 12 opening or maybe larger (or smaller) Access Doors and Panels offers an array of sizes to suit your needs.

24” x 24” Lightweight Aluminum Access

Durable and lightweight, that is the 24 x 24 Lightweight Aluminum access door. This access door can be installed and used on any wall or ceiling space. Once installed it creates easy access to space behind. Featuring a ¾” polystyrene insulation, this can be used both as an interior or exterior access panel. Worried about corrosion or moisture? Not with this aluminum access panel that once installed will be a guaranteed airtight fit.

22” x 30” Exterior Door for Walls and Ceilings

Using the latest in access panel technology, the 22” x 30” Exterior Door for Walls and Ceilings allows for minimal to no water or vapor retention as well as minimal to no rusting or corrosion. This is what any client and contractor want when it comes to installing an access door on the outside of their building. Featuring foam insulation and neoprene gasket on all sides, this exterior door is made with steel and features a cylinder lock and key operation.

24” x 24” Galvanized Steel Smoke Vent

Create that emergency escape route with the 24 x 24 Galvanized Steel Smoke Vent by Acudor. This smoke vent allows for the release of any heat, smoke or gases during a fire, as well as acting as an emergency escape route. Designed to open automatically when a certain temperature is reached, install and let the smoke vent take care of everything else. The smoke vent features a fully enclosed compression spring which can open to a weight of 10lbs – whether that is snow, rain or wind pressure against it. Don’t’ worry about rusting or corroding with the smoke vent as it features a rust inhibiting primer.

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