Outdated Office Space? Freshen It Up!

Outdated Office Space? Freshen It Up!

Access Doors and Panels on 16th Dec 2020

Outdated Office Space? Freshen It Up!

Most working people spend a large portion of their lives in offices, so the psychology of office space is a trendy topic. For commercial business owners, it is noteworthy that offices, when optimized, can create a space that fuels energy and creativity among employees. However, when the office is outdated, it can hold employees back and leave them uninspired and ultimately bored.

If you’re experiencing the latter, then it’s probably time for you to spruce up your workplace and adopt a modern approach to create an office space to make your employees happy. Don’t allow outdated office spaces to hold you back! Employing a couple (or maybe all) of these tricks will help you freshen up obsolete office space. Modernize and update for a better, fresher, and more engaging office space with these tips from Access Doors and Panels.

1. Apply a fresh coat of paint

Freshening up your office can be quite simple; a new coat of paint can work wonders. If you dive into the world of Color Psychology, you might pick up a thing or two on how colors can have a considerable impact on how we feel and how we think. Paint color in a workspace affects the emotion, state of mind, and mood of the employees. That’s why choosing colors that boost efficiency and energy is something that you should give lots of thought.

2. Light the place up

What can be more depressing than working in a dark office? If you have a dark office, proper lighting with a fresh coat of paint can do wonders in changing a work environment. Lighting in an office is an essential aspect of the office. What you should do is to light up the dark space by updating wall fixtures and overhead lighting. You can even try floor lamps for corners that are not getting enough light. Fortunately, if you’re not up for completely changing your fixtures, you can try switching out your bulbs with different light colors to create a brighter feel.

3. Spice up with some art and decor

Do you have barren walls in your office? You can use office supplies as decor. You could also purchase some paintings to hang, or you can also go the DIY route and have everybody pitch in ideas to create a mural. If you’re not into paintings, you can also consider non-conventional ideas like tapestries, and decals. Another brilliant plan is to create an inspirational wall of quotes and pictures with your office goals and visions. There are also cork boards and dry erase whiteboards that can become art and mood boards and brands. However, don’t just limit yourself to the walls-- bring in plants, rugs, and desktop decor to add color and joy to any office space.

4. Revamping office furniture

We all know that old and squeaky office chairs are annoying and a pain to have around. With new furniture, you can bring an old-looking office into a modern one. You can start with the chairs and desks since employees use them the most. Adding tweaks in your desk setup not only brings your office into the modern age-- it also helps make everyone more productive. Incorporating mobile furniture is also another furniture tip. You can rearrange furniture when things start to feel dull or when the current setup no longer works. Also, rearranging is an easy way to completely change a work environment if you don’t want to buy new furniture.

5. Invest in updated technology

One significant investment in any office is on technology updates. Your teams can work more quickly, save time efficiently, and money when you provide them with newer work computers and equipment. There are also collaboration tools and apps to help you and your employees work more comfortable while also generating money and money-saving ideas. So, kick start the geek within you by adding the latest and greatest in technology.

6. Add some indoor plants

For any office space, it can also be surprising how a little indoor greenery can add new life to a worn-out office space. It doesn’t matter if your office is compact; all you have to do is consider a few potters, hangers, or wall plants to liven up the office. You don’t even need expensive and hard-to-maintain plants because some are easy to look after, such as peace lilies and succulents. Furthermore, for those who don’t have a green thumb at all, fake flowers with good quality can look amazing when placed in the right spot.

7. Declutter and add storage solutions

Often in offices, there is so much “office junk” accumulated that it becomes impossible to know where employees place things anymore. To be able to create a genuinely fresh office space and more space, you need to organize the clutter and find suitable storage solutions out the way of your desk cubicle and keep a minimalist approach when you’re decluttering the whole office. Avoid turning your office into a mismatched museum of bits and pieces-- take the time to sort through everything and decide what ornaments or furniture you want to keep. Take note that less is more always applies in these types of situations.

8. Move the furniture around

Sometimes, the best way to update your office space is to play around with the location of everything. You can try moving the front of the desks the other way, swap the art around on the walls, rearrange the coffee table and all other knick-knacks in your office and just try to see how it feels. These simple tricks can transform your office space and create additional space. Moreover, the best part is you don’t have to spend money at all!

9. Rugs

Looking for an affordable and fantastic way of sprucing up an office dynamic? For an office space with polished concrete floors like many offices do these days, something like a jute rug can be the natural textured touch your office needs to create a warm workspace. Never underestimate the power of rugs because they have the amazing ability to define a space and other benefits, including floor protection, insulation, and sound and dust absorption. One trick you can do with rugs is to always go as large as the area permits.

10. Mirrors

Using mirrors is an age-old trick that never goes out of style in homes and even in offices, plus it’s even more affordable than any piece of art you could get-- mirrors! Depending on your office style, mirrors strategically placed around the place can work well to make the office feel more open (especially in small offices). You have to consider their placement carefully and think about what you want them to reflect, such as artworks, feature lighting, and outdoor views. All of these techniques can help create a more engaging and pleasant office space.

Are you ready to revamp your old and worn out office space? Get your team involved. You can start a poll and decide what would be best to optimize your office and make the necessary changes.

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16th Dec 2020 Access Doors and Panels