A Product Review of Floor and Access Panels

A Product Review of Floor and Access Panels

Access Doors and Panels on 16th Jan 2019

A Product Review of Floor and Access Panels

Contractors and builders sometimes find they have the challenge of incorporating aesthetics and functionality in a project. Thankfully, one of the things that a contractor can rely to provide both appeal and functionality is the use of a floor or access panel on their project. Depending on the installation and purpose these access doors and panels are versatile not only in their material but purpose and price point.

Access doors and panels have the ability to provide if not create accessibility in hard to reach areas, regardless of the location - whether it’s through a wall, floor or ceiling.

Access Doors and Panels – Shopping For Panels

At Access Doors and Panels, we offer an array of access panels and doors. With warehouses in both the US and Canada – we strive to ensure quality products with quality service at a timely speed. Unsure of the type of access door or panel you need? We offer knowledgeable client service representatives who can assist in making recommendations for any project or build. Commercial or residential – we offer 5-star products with 5- star services.

Floor and Access Panel Basics

When it comes to purchasing a floor access panel or doo, there are a few factors to consider. From the purpose of the panel, to the location of the installation as well as the material and if there is a need to meet certain building codes. Access Doors and Panels shares the basic considerations of purchasing a floor panel or door.

● Plastic Access Panels are a cheap and temporary alternative for those who are looking to fill a void in their wall.

○ Buyer Recommendation – 8 x 8 Flush Plastic Access Door (Acudor)

● Plaster Access Panels when installed allow for the frame to be plastered over giving the wall and door a unique and genuine finish.

○ Buyer Recommendation – 8 x 12 Flush Access Door with Frame and Plaster Finish

● HVAC Access Panels are doors that are used to contain and HVAC units - at Best Access Doors, the HVAC access panels meet and exceed building requirements and expectations.

○ Buyer Recommendation – 23 x 23 HVAC Grease Duct Panel

● Fiberglass Panels are typically recommended for exterior purposes - though to some they may be intimidated if not think that fiberglass is not a good option, fiberglass can aesthetically replicate the look of wood as well as be extremely durable.

○ Buyer Recommendation – 12 x 12 Duct Door for Fiberglass Ducts

Still not exactly what you are looking for? Access Doors and Panels offers a larger selection of access panels and doors on our site. Worried about the size? We can have access panels customized to suit any commercial or residential opening – plastic, plastic or steel.

Buy with Confidence

Once you have the information, going to a qualified and certified access door shop will mean you are buying with confidence. Having informed and knowledgeable staff to answer your questions will mean you can buy and shop with confidence.

Knowing what it is you need beforehand, along with the purpose of your access panel will mean that access panel specialists will be able to help you further with your needs.

Visit our inventory today at www.accessdoorsandpanels.com and find that missing piece to your next job.

16th Jan 2019 Access Doors and Panels