Access Door Requirements You Should Consider

Access Door Requirements You Should Consider

Access Doors and Panels on 5th Jun 2019

Access Door Requirements You Should Consider

Looking to do some home or business upgrades or repairs? Looking to perhaps incorporate an access panel or door to your existing wall, floor, or roof? There are a few things to consider before making that purchase of an access panel. To better prepare yourself and your contractor when it comes to buying an access panel, Access Doors and Panels shares some basic requirements you should know.


When it comes to choosing the perfect access panel or door before you can buy one, it is essential to consider where will the panel or door be installed. Most panels are versatile in that you can find an access panel that can be installed either in the wall or floor; however, some access panels are primarily used on floors or roofs that can’t be used anywhere else. Understanding where the access panel will also help determine whether the panel to be selected should be flushed or if it is recessed – how much space will it stick out from the wall. The application of an access panel or door can vary so much so that it is crucial to determine where it will be installed. One can’t buy a drywall access panel and install it in the exterior of a building or in an area where there is high heat exposure. This would be a hazard and dangerous.


Once the location of the access panel has been determined, the next decision to make is the material. Most access doors are made with a prime coated steel that is grey in color; however, they can also be (depending on the coating) painted over to suit the surroundings. Other materials that can be used to make access panels and doors are stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. Different materials will have different barometers of gauging, which is the ideal choice. For example, when purchasing a stainless steel or aluminum access panel, one would see what the thickness or rating is for that style of the access panel.

It is also vital that when it comes to finding that ideal access panel the material suits where the access panel will be installed. One would not want to buy an access panel that is not rust or corrosion resistant and install it in the exterior of their building or project. The same goes with HVAC or utility rooms, a contractor would recommend that an access panel that can withstand the heat and sound is chosen over any other access panel.


Depending on the supplier, access panels can be purchased with standard sizes; however, some if not most manufacturers would allow for customization. It is important that contractors know the measurement of the gap to be filled. Depending on the size as well as the manufacturer, customized access panels and doors may require more time to be completed versus the standard access panels and doors. Sizes of access panels can go from as little as 6” x 6” to 72” x 48”.

Lock and Additional Features

Most access panels and doors will either have a lock or some type of latch to add to their versatility and functionality. For example, most security access panels will have a certain type of lock such as the detention lock – for some applications and/or jobs, this is a very important feature; therefore, the client may need to spend time determining what kind of lock that would be suitable for their application. Other features that may be considered when buying an access panel are slow-close, insulation, and powder coating. Features such as slow-close may be important to somewhere the panel is regularly opened, while insulation may be important to someone who wants to prevent noise transference.

These added features can determine what kind of panel to choose from, but more importantly, it can help a contractor ensure that the right panel is purchased. While so many panels may overlap in their functionality, there are small features that differentiate them. From insulation to material, these small aspects can make or break an access panel for a project.

The next time you are in the market to enhance your space or maybe add that next level of functionality, visit for a representative to help you on your access door and panel purchase!

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