​Making the Choice with Wall Paint Basics

​Making the Choice with Wall Paint Basics

Access Doors and Panels on 22nd Aug 2018

​Making the Choice with Wall Paint Basics

While our exterior walls play an essential role in the aesthetics of a building – the interior walls play just as critical of a function and purpose. To the untrained eye, when it comes to considering wall paint, one may think it is as comfortable as picking the different colors and shades; however, there is so much more to paint than just color. Different paint types and colors can offer different levels of functionality, therefore, adding to their pros and cons of use. Sometimes knowing the kind of paint and the goal will help to make choosing the color more natural.


Whether you are a professional painter or an amateur, matte is the most popular and common type of paint. When applied to space there is no shine or glare when it dries making it a very ideal choice for walls and ceiling. For some, having this feature of no glare or shine is essential as it can cause some visual distraction. It is a readily applicable paint and can be done using a roller or a traditional paintbrush. With matte though, while it provides a clean and polished finished, matte can be easily marked and can sometimes require retouching as a result of it.


The opposite of matte, gloss is another common of interior wall paint choice. While painters choose gloss as a choice that is meant to be used as an accent wall due to its shine. It is a standard paint choice for wood surfaces and woodwork – the downfall with gloss though is that if the surface has scratches or markups, it can be highlighted by the gloss. When painting with gloss, multiple layers can be required to ensure adequate coverage and evenness. As a result of the number of necessary layers on a wall, the process of using gloss paint can take longer than other paint choices.


Typically, when it comes to satin paint, this choice is often selected for rooms where the walls need to be washed or cleaned regularly. In these instances – satin is used in industrial buildings, doctors’ offices or medical buildings as these are environments where cleaning and hygiene are essential. Satin can be best described as being a mix between matte and gloss, therefore, giving it subtle glossy shine to it.


Want a paint choice that offers the ability to clean the walls that can hide subtle wall imperfections – the option is eggshell. This is a choice of paint that can require a fraction less than most colors as it covers more. Going with eggshell paint would be going with a very easy to apply paint, not to mention that the fact that eggshell requires less paint – it is a popular choice for many people.

Whether it is your office you are looking to have painted or a clients’ space, it is essential that when it comes to picking the paint for the job you make an informed decision. Knowing what you want to achieve not just through the colors but the functionality means you can add to your space and do more than just liven it up with color. Looking to read up on more helpful tips on the job-site or maybe you are a contracting company looking to stand up with quick tips and hints on customer needs, sign up for our blog posts at https://www.accessdoorsandpanels.com/blog/

22nd Aug 2018 Access Doors and Panels