​How Gasketed Access Doors Protect Your Plumbing System

​How Gasketed Access Doors Protect Your Plumbing System

Access Doors and Panels on 8th Jun 2022

​How Gasketed Access Doors Protect Your Plumbing System

When maintaining a commercial building, you should not neglect the plumbing system because it’s one of the essential systems that many use every day. People wash their hands and use the toilet most of the time, so you should effectively determine how to protect your plumbing system.

Building owners invest in gasketed access doors due to their effectiveness in providing the highest level of protection. As a building owner, you should avoid installing generic, unreliable doors to protect your plumbing pipes. You should learn more about the access door’s benefits if you’re not entirely convinced about installing one.

1. Achieve Complete Air and Water Tightness

The gasketed access panel’s first benefit is providing a complete seal around its door frame, ensuring air and water tightness. Every plumbing access panel you install should never have air or water seeping through the flange because it may cause more structural damage.

Water can damage electrical components, while air can cause the building’s internal temperature to fluctuate more. Fortunately, a gasketed access panel has a gasket installed around its door frame, preventing any unwanted moisture or air from passing through.

2. Comes in Different Materials

Another reason to install gasketed access panels for your plumbing system is the availability of varied materials. Depending on which type your contractors want, you can choose between steel or aluminum gasketed access panels. Steel gives you a better lifespan and prevents rust, while aluminum is lightweight.

You can even purchase steel and aluminum gasketed access doors together so that you won’t have any problems adhering to your area’s plumbing access panel code. Buying them from reliable suppliers like Access Doors and Panels will put you at ease, knowing that you have sturdy gasketed access panels protecting your plumbing system.

3. Create a Safer Building Environment

Sometimes, people’s clothes would get snagged on door handles, which can damage their clothes or cause them injuries. In some cases, children playing around with exposed door handles would hit their heads. If you have plumbing systems installed in public areas of the building, you should install anti-ligature gasketed access doors.

They have no handles or anything that could get entangled on clothes, making it one of the safest plumbing access panel ideas you can incorporate into your building.

4. Hide Unsightly Access Panels

You have to keep your building looking clean and appealing every time to ensure people walking around won’t get any headaches seeing every inch of the area. If you do frequent water pipe maintenance on a specific building area, you should keep it clean by looking for hidden plumbing access panel ideas.

Instead of placing furniture or decorative pieces behind a generic access panel, you should purchase ones that let you paint over them. Doing so will hide the access panel from plain sight and create a cleaner area. No one will have to see unsightly access panels protruding from the walls once you blend them with their surface.

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Don’t settle for wood access doors with better options like gasketed access panels. You can trust that it’ll protect your plumbing systems effectively for many years to come. And if you’re still looking for one, choose Access Doors and Panels! You can call us at (800) 609-2917 if you need to buy one today or have questions about our product. 

8th Jun 2022 Access Doors and Panels