​When Do You Need a Plumbing Access Panel?

​When Do You Need a Plumbing Access Panel?

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 25th Jan 2022

​When Do You Need a Plumbing Access Panel?

Access panels enable maintenance personnel to swiftly access the back of faucets, the drain in your bathtub, and the mixing valve of a shower. Instead of conducting a costly wall demolition and repairing on top of the plumbing tasks, they can save you from the hassle and expenses. The Design Conundrum defined a plumbing access panel as a panel or a plywood that can be easily removed to access a shut-off valve, drain, or plumbing parts to make repairs. Access panels are beneficial when converting utility spaces like a basement, attic, or garage into a living area.

By installing access panels, you preserve the ability to find and easily reach shut-off valves and drain cleanouts. But you don't have to limit the panels to plumbing applications. You can also utilize them to quickly get breaker boxes, electrical junction boxes run by telephone and data cable, and other uses. Having a plumbing access panel installed in your building is a must-have. It allows easy access to your plumbings whenever you need repair or maintenance.

But before heading off to when you need a plumbing access panel, we must first know the importance of quality plumbing maintenance. Plumbing maintenance is essential so you won't have to experience buying new expensive materials for repair and diminish the chances of plumbing injuries that can affect your way of living and the health of your occupants. If you're thinking of installing a plumbing access panel, here are the different types you can choose:

Types of Plumbing Access Panel

1. Plastic Access Panel

Plumbing access panels are usually made out of plywood. But in this case, this access panel is manufactured out of plastic. Plastic access panels are pretty expensive compared to traditional wooden access panels. The cost is higher because they are proven to be more efficient and have high-quality materials that prevent fading or rusting.

2. Drywall Access Panel

If you want to have plumbing systems in specific areas such as attics and basements, drywall access panels are perfect for the job. Usually, walls and ceilings consist of drywall compounds, so installing plastic, metal, or access panels is preferable. This access panel type is easy to install. Contractors can quickly install a drywall access panel in just a few minutes. In addition, This material is perfect for hiding wires, cables, and water valves.

3. Plumbing Access Hatch

Plumbing access hatches can resemble a trap door and work efficiently well for plumbing purposes. It has the same benefits as a panel, such as providing efficient protection from exterior elements. Other plumbing access hatch variants have lock and latch variants. This feature is essential to secure the hatch from being opened illegally.

4. Metal Access Panel

Do you want a different alternative than plywood or plastic access panels? If you want a more sturdy material, then a metal access panel is what you need. Another advantage of this access panel is that it is fire-resistant and provides medium-security levels to prevent unauthorized people from opening them. If you want a more durable access panel, then you consider installing steel insulated exterior access panels for your plumbings.

5. Wooden Access Panel

If you want more traditional access panels to hide your plumbing components, you should opt for an access panel made from plywood. In contrast, it doesn't have the same longevity as the metal or plastic access panel. If you're aiming for a vintage or rustic look, then this one is undoubtedly your best choice.

6. Camouflaged Wood Panels

Do you want to hide your plumbing components without ruining the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom? In that case, you should add the camouflaged wood panels to your "must-have" list. These access panels are identical to their surface. People will undoubtedly have difficulty telling apart a panel on your wall. You can also use different finishing nails or adhesive to keep it intact.

Installing access doors for your plumbing needs is always a great idea to reduce the chances of unwanted and hassle repairs on your plumbing system. For your purchase, visit Access Doors and Panels now, where we provide top-quality access doors for any of your construction needs. You can contact us also at 1-800-609-2917 for more details on our products.

25th Jan 2022 Posted by Access Doors and Panels