Factors That Affect Roof Repair Costs

Factors That Affect Roof Repair Costs

Access Doors and Panels on 10th Jun 2020

Factors That Affect Roof Repair Costs

Roofs are essential in every commercial building. It protects the employees who stay in the office for long hours. It is the reason why your roof deserves so much care and attention. It does not only enhance structural support but is also a significant investment that you'll be glad to have in the long run.

If you already have plans on having your roof repaired or replaced by a professional roofing contractor, we're here to help you understand the factors that affect roof repair costs.

Common Factors that Dictate Roof Repair Costs

Roof repair can be a lengthy and expensive process, especially if an expert doesn't handle it. Moreover, a roof repair cost varies depending on how much restoration is needed and several other factors. Every building owner should be aware of these factors to avoid unnecessary costs in the future.

Here are the common factors that you should keep in mind:

1. Roof Type

When it comes to calculating labor costs for roof repairs, the starting point in figuring out how much it will cost is the type of roof you have. It is vital to know what kind of roof you already have installed on your building-- sloped, flat, steep slopes or not, roof tiles, shingles, etc.-- because knowing them will help give you an idea of the costs for the repair or replacements.

2. Project Scope

Another significant factor is identifying how large the project is and what unique characteristics you need to consider. If your roof is more extensive and complicated to work on, it will weigh heavily on the final cost. It will cost more than an essential shingle roof for heavily customized roofs with lots of steep slopes. If you get as many details of the project right from the beginning, you will keep costs down as increases in the scope also equal increases in your cost. 

3. Local Regulations and Permit Costs

The majority of towns and cities dictate their own rules and costs when it comes to permits. Because of this, permit costs can vary depending on your location. Furthermore, it is also essential to keep in mind that it can add more expenses to even the smallest repairs. It is advisable to contact your local authority directly to find out what those permit costs are. 

4. Present Status of Your Roof

One small hole or puncture in a roof or a leak inside the house already calls for a repair. Although it may look like a minor repair, once the old material is stripped away, in many cases, it is found to be much worse damage than expected.

Water can potentially damage any building rather quickly. The smallest holes or punctures can allow water in, building up over time and damaging a roof without any outward signs until you discover it's too late. It is the time where a roofing contractor must conduct maintenance and inspections to help catch the problems before they grow into more significant issues. If you don't perform regular maintenance and a problem occurs, don't be surprised if you have to spend double the amount (or even tripled!) due to other issues that have been left unchecked.

5. Unique Fixtures

If your building has unique fixtures such as skylights, chimneys, specialized decorations, or antennae, your costs will increase. It would be better to anticipate additional costs since these elements also need to be replaced or repaired simultaneously. Furthermore, it can also take extra time and effort to ensure that these areas are water-tight. You won't have any problems with making them water-tight if you hire a proficient roofing contractor.

Why You Should Have Your Roof Repaired

You'll probably think that repairing or replacing your roof can wait until next year or maybe the year after, right? Well, we're telling you to do it right away. Sure, it can be pricey, but if you take care of that problem now, you will avoid any damage from getting worse and getting more expensive. Nonetheless, here are five reasons for you to have your roof repaired or replaced.

  • Adds Value to Your Property

Like any other home or commercial improvement, a new roof can add a few thousand dollars' worths to the property. If you're planning on selling, then this is excellent news. You don't have to worry about the costs because you can recoup your expense once you can sell your property.

  • Your Insurance May Refuse

If you don't know about this, we're here to tell you that many insurance companies refuse to cover property or renew a policy if the roof is not in good condition. If you want to remain insured, do what's smart and get your roof's needs taken care of in advance.

  • It Can Have A Longer Life

Hire a roofing company that uses some of the most up-to-date methods and styles when it comes to roof designs. We all know that a new roof may very well last much longer than what you currently have.

  • It Provides More Curb Appeal

As mentioned earlier, your new roof will surely attract potential buyers if you're planning on selling your property. Let's be realistic here. An old roof looks ugly and can draw people away instead of in. Have a new roof that stands out, to reel in those potential buyers before you know it!

  • Goodbye Leaks and Other Problems

It is the most apparent reason to repair or replace your roof-- you can say goodbye to those annoying water leaks or loose shingles. Yes, an old roof is a real eyesore and a massive headache, but do you know what's even worse? It's placing buckets to collect leaking rainwater! Not to mention the numerous appliances the water can damage.

  • Prevent Small Problems From Growing Bigger

Did you know that you could have a tiny leak in your roof and won't even realize it? Small leaks won't always result in water stains or other signs of leakage inside your property, but that tiny leak could grow into a more significant leak in just a short time. Having your roof inspected by your roof inspector will be able to point out little things that you can repair to prevent them from turning into more significant issues.

  • Avoid a Disaster

Without even knowing it, in some cases, you might already have a big problem on your hands as far as your roof is concerned. It might be that your roof could already be well caving in, and you don't even have a clue about it. It is always better that you catch a problem like this before it causes a catastrophe rather than just finding out about it the hard way.

  • Warranty Can Remain Intact

Do you have a warranty for your roof? If yes, you should keep in mind that the security could become void if you don't maintain your roof correctly. Conducting regular roof inspections could end up saving you in case your roof manufacturer ever asks for proof of roof maintenance when you reach a time that you have to use your warranty.

The Takeaway

Holes, leaks, gaps, and some loose shingles? These are the makings of a roof that wasn't maintained regularly or repaired correctly. They are not only an eyesore but also a waste of money and resources. You might have attempted to repair your roof yourself because you saw other people doing it. Unfortunately, because you lack the necessary knowledge and skills, you ended up having disappointing results. In the end, nothing beats calling a professional roofing expert to come over and finish the job correctly for you. Hiring a professional to repair your commercial roof instead of attempting a DIY job can be more beneficial. As we all know, hiring an expert roofer to repair your roof is more advantageous since professionals can access the equipment, materials, and supplies needed to do a proper repair job. Moreover, they would also know to deal with any unforeseen challenges or other issues identified after conducting a detailed roof inspection.

While roof repairs aren't exactly the most fun home or office improvement, they are vital. As a reiteration of earlier statements, roof repairs not given attention can get worse and can deteriorate your roof to the point that you will be required to purchase a new roof far sooner than you expected. A neglected roof will always breed more damage on a structural level (i.e.trapped moisture can rot support beams and molds can grow within your ceiling) and expenses. Besides, replacing your entire roof is considerably more expensive than roof repairs and maintenance. So, get out in front of significant care and call your local roofing professional at the first sign of a roof problem, no matter how big or small. By doing so, you will be able to save both your roof and your wallet.

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