Heat & Smoke Vents

Heat & Smoke Vents

Vent for Heat and Smoke

This product is designed with spring for automatic 90-degree open in case of fire. It releases dangerous smoke and gases that can be inhaled by building occupants. The open covers permit firefighters to douse flames directly from the rooftop location.

Covers for heat and smoke vents are activated by the parting of a single UL listed, FM approved 165°F fusible link, and automatically lock in the fully open position. Our product can be equipped with electrical links to trigger the cover opening when connected to a remote smoke or fire alarm. 

Open Against Snow or Wind

Covers are made of double-leaf construction each equipped with torsion spring operators of sufficient strength to open against a minimum of 10psf snow or wind load.

No Over-travel

Units are equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers to control opening speed and prevent over-travel.

No Accidental Opening

Accidental openings of covers are prevented when subjected to a minimum of 30 psf uplift pressure.

Fire Safety

We provide our clients with products that comply with Class “A” burning brand (UL 790) requirements to ensure fire safety.

Easy Reset

This product features an automatic latch but manual release mechanism resets automatically when covers are closed from the roofline. 

Thermal Efficiency

Insulated covers provide a minimum thermal transmittance value of U = 0.093 to reduce heat loss or gain and to prevent condensation.

Weathertight Performance

Our heat and smoke vents are provided with full gasket for weathertight performance. The dual covers closed to a fixed channel permits water to flow off the unit without interfering with the cover operation.

Choice of Materials

Our series of Milcor heat and smoke vents come with three combinations of materials to meet specific design criteria.

  • All Galvanized
  • All Aluminum
  • Aluminum Cover/Galvanized Curb