Yearly Appliance Safety Tips For Peace of Mind

Yearly Appliance Safety Tips For Peace of Mind

Access Doors and Panels on 13th Jan 2021

Yearly Appliance Safety Tips For Peace of Mind

As technology keeps progressing, most commercial building owners now prioritize high technology appliances that make lives more convenient. However, if no precautionary measures are in place, it can be dangerous not only to the property but also to the occupants. It is why electrical problems caused by appliances are one of the leading causes of commercial fires across many nations. Hence, it is only a standard for people to consider appliance safety as an essential matter that all building owners should practice to protect their occupants and community.

Moreover, there are specific requirements that every building must comply with, such as the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) electrical safety standards. Taking care of your appliances and using them correctly are essential factors that you must administer in your commercial facility.

Here are some of the appliance safety tips for your peace of mind.

Tip #1. Look for the NRTL listings of the appliances before purchasing them.

If you are about to purchase an appliance, make sure to first check for its “Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory” (NRTL) listings. By doing this, you can distinguish the products that had proper testing, evaluation, and certification to comply with OSHA’s electrical safety rules. You will also know if they are fire-safe building materials. These NRTLs include Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and Edison Testing Laboratories.

Tip # 2. Follow the instructions for your appliances at all times.

Although this tip is pretty simple, there are still many people who tend to neglect reading instructions. It is critical always to make sure that you follow them when operating the same. By understanding their safe operation procedures, you can improve your electrical safety and the device’s performance. If you use an appliance and give you a slight or severe electrical shock, the best step is to unplug and stop using them. Call for a qualified electrician right away to check the problems and fix them.

Tip #3. Never overload your outlets.

Many buildings, especially offices, tend to use many appliances and equipment all at once without noticing that they overload the outlets. It is one of the common causes of electrical problems at workplaces. If you want to avoid this from happening, make sure that all the outlets have protective faceplates and properly working. If not, call an electrician right away.

You should also avoid using extension cords or multi-outlet converters for your appliances. If you are using a heat-producing device, make sure not to plug it with others. Moreover, having more power strips does not mean that you use more appliances at once. They only add outlets and do not change the amount of power an outlet can receive.

Tip #4. Unplug the appliances if they are not in use.

You may think that unplugging appliances when not in use is easy and straightforward, but it is also easy to forget. It helps owners save up to 20% of their electricity bills by reducing the phantom drain, which is the energy that appliances may consume when not active. Moreover, unplugging appliances can protect you from power surges and overheating. If you think that remembering this is not easy for you and your occupants at all times, some new generation plugs can allow you to set schedules for the outlets.

Tip #5. Have proper maintenance for your appliances.

Having regular maintenance and inspection for your appliances is essential for any commercial buildings. It will assure you that all the equipment and devices you are using are safe and have no defects. It can also prevent any possible issues from happening in the future.

Put safety first!

Being a building owner means having a set of responsibilities for your property and occupants, including protecting everyone’s safety. By having extra precautions and regular maintenance, you can prevent any significant issues in the future. You should also protect your electrical systems while providing convenient access for maintenance. It is possible by installing high-quality access doors. You can check out our products at Access Doors and Panels now and call us for your inquiries. 

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