Fire Safe Building Materials

Fire Safe Building Materials

Access Doors and Panels on 26th Jun 2019

Fire Safe Building Materials

Wouldn’t it be nice if all materials we built with were fireproof? If the materials used were fire resistant? While we can’t have an entirely fireproof house, there are some materials that builders and contractors can work with that are fire-resistant. From access panels and doors to, insulation and even woods – there are building materials that can be used to prevent a fire from spreading if not slowing down the spread of a fire that can sometimes happen quickly. To help both builders and contractors with their building projects, Access Doors and Panels shares a few fire-resistant products and materials that can help a fire spread through any building – no matter how big or small.

Fire Resistant Windows

When it comes to fires, when the windows of a building break, that means the flames can spread and result in worst outbreaks. One way of preventing fires being caused by windows breaking or heat spreading is to ensure the windows have a unique resin or are a dual-paned glass. Not only does this prevent the chances of the window breaking, but it can also promote energy efficiency. A double pane window is a two-for-one, it can prevent a fire from spreading, and it can boost energy efficiency. Another way of promoting fire-resistance in a window is in the framing of the window. Steel frames are much more resistant to fire than wood or aluminum.


One of the most common building materials in construction is concrete, which also makes it one of the most fire-resistant building materials. It is non-combustible and has low thermal conductivity. While some builders may think that steel is more fire-resistant; however, not all materials are built equally, which means it is essential to check the material make-up of the concrete being used. Some elements in concrete can actually be combustible; therefore, knowing what kind of concrete and the materials that are used to make the blocks, pillars or beams is important.


Considered a form of plaster, concrete, at least the kind that is used today, is made from cement, sand and lime. For many, stucco is considered a form of creating a structural aesthetic appeal; however, there is so much more that can be done with it. It can cover materials such as brick or wood, making a non-fire-resistant material suddenly fire-resistant. This coating of stucco around a material can maintain its resistant for up to an hour.

At Access Doors and Panels, we offer access panels made with and from stucco, which adds to the functionality of a standard access panel or door.


For many contractors, they are already familiar with gypsum as the sheathing is commonly used behind gypsum boards, or also known as drywall. Gypsum is made with materials and factors that make them fire-resistant. Something that happens when a fire occurs or breaks through with gypsum is there is a chemical which makes them non-combustible, and when fire touches it, it releases out steam. This prevents any heat transfer and protects against fire spreading.

Building with Fire Prevention in Mind

When a contractor thinks about building and the materials to enhance their project, they look at aesthetics, costs but also safety and sustainability. Fires, while rare and preventable, using materials that are fire-resistant means that they can prevent fires from spreading. They can increase the viability of a building surviving long enough for help to arrive.

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26th Jun 2019 Access Doors and Panels