Plaster & Stucco

Plaster & Stucco

If you are trying to find a stainless steel access panel for plaster and stucco, Access Doors and Panels has the right unit for you-- our highly-recommended XPES access door series manufactured by JL Industries.

The XPES access door assembly is an ideal choice for exterior application because of its weatherproof construction and thick insulation. It’s fairly easy to use for new construction and major renovations. You can shop this door today in 16 different panel sizes available!

The flange access door from JL Industries has special features that include a 16-gauge stainless steel frame with 3" galvanized lath wing, and 2" thick insulated 20 gauge stainless steel door with continuous stainless steel hinges. What completes this access door is an adhesive-backed EPDM foam and silicone rubber seals on the frame and door and chrome-plated Die Cast Zinc Handle (H2). This door is available and ready to ship in 4 to 6 weeks!

When you’re looking for an access panel to install for plaster and stucco, you would need a material that will be able to support plaster and stucco’s structural integrity. The XPES series from Access Doors and Panels is preferred by builders and contractors. At just an affordable cost, this door assembly may also be equipped with a removable flush locking handle with optional color codes available. 

Need more information about JL Industries plaster stucco flush flange access door? Don’t forget to fill out the form on our product page today or talk to our product experts anytime at 1-800-609-2917. Shop with us today!