What Are the Top 5 Benefits of Encapsulating Your Crawl Space?

What Are the Top 5 Benefits of Encapsulating Your Crawl Space?

Access Doors and Panels on 18th Jan 2023

What Are the Top 5 Benefits of Encapsulating Your Crawl Space?

Crawl spaces are vital in every building structure. These 1-3 feet in height empty spaces serve as an extra storage area and provide quick access for installation, repair, and maintenance teams to reach electrical wirings, ducts, plumbing, and in some instances, vent systems.

Although it can perfectly conceal the systems, it still needs extra protection to prevent damage from leaks, pests, and severe weather conditions. Installing heavy-duty barriers to protect the house's internal system offers several benefits. Here are the top 5 benefits of encapsulated crawl space.

Reduces Chances of Mold, Wood Rot, and Fungal Growth

Since crawl places hide and protect the house's essential components, it needs the proper moisture and temperature, with humidity levels ranging from 50-55 percent. Failing to keep the ideal humidity level may cause the wood to rot, invite pests, and develop mold formation, which are health hazards and may severely affect the occupants' physical and mental health.

Termites Control

Your building's structural wood is responsible for the structure's stability. It also happens to be termites' favorite. Unfortunately, it is hard to eradicate termites once they infest your building. They can damage your building's structural wood leading to foundation, walls, windows, and door issues. Thus, you need to completely control the pests, specifically the termites, to avoid potential and repair damages that can be extremely expensive.

Superior Air Quality

Crawl spaces are mostly the overlooked building area unless one of the systems breaks down. Because of this, most crawl spaces have fungal and mold growth that can be a health hazard to the people inside the building. But by encapsulating the crawl space and completely sealing it from leaks and moisture, you can guarantee that the air circulating in your home is clean.

Saves Energy Bill

Energy saving is another benefit you will enjoy for encapsulating your crawl space. Properly sealing the crawlway gives you proper ventilation while it reduces humidity allowing your heating and air conditioning systems to use less energy during winter or summer. Start installing an insulated crawl space now, and see your energy bill decrease all year round.

First-Rate Storage Area

Well-encapsulated crawlways mean clean storage areas. It has fewer molds, termites, and other pests that may damage things. So, use it, especially if you do not have a dedicated room to store most of the new items or an external storage room where you can keep them safe from rodents and pests.

Installing access doors and panels can protect things and systems from unwanted damage. You may also utilize the DWF-Fire-Rated and FCH H20, which provide protection and quick access to the crawl space.

The DWF-Fire-Rated or DWF Knee Wall Access Doors strictly follow the NFPA fire-rating guidelines. These fire-rated access doors can help prevent the spread of fire for 45 minutes. Moreover, its innovative design and flexibility work well with vertical walls and allow you to access the crawl space easily.

Pair it with Access Doors and Panel's FC-H20, and you can guarantee the safety of your crawl space area. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications and prevents water and water vapor from entering your building's crawl space, securing the place from moisture that may trigger molds and fungal growth.

Why Must You Encapsulate Your Crawl Space?

Any part of the house is an investment, including the crawl space. The crawl space's structural wood affects both the home and the household. It can either help the house last longer than ten years or have it decay in a year or two. They may either live with clean air or breathe allergy-causing air that may be detrimental to their health.

Encapsulating your crawl space saves the house's structural wood and gives it several years without repair. In addition, clean air benefits residents, particularly those with existing medical conditions. Here are eight tips on encapsulating your crawl space efficiently to reduce pest infestation, fungal growth, and mold formation, improve air quality, and for your structural wood to last longer.

Learn More About an Efficient Crawl Space!

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