Crawl Space

Crawl Space

Knee walls are short vertical walls supporting the roof rafters, often blocking off potential crawl space storage. Installing a crawl space door is an innovative way to convert the area behind the knee wall into a usable storage area. Whether you have a newly constructed building or need to renovate and remodel, Access Doors and Panels offers economical and practical ways to maximize storage space in your commercial building!

Benefits of Installing a Crawl Space Access Door

  • Maximize your storage area by making your crawl space more accessible
  • Reduce external air loss and infiltration
  • Lower your monthly energy costs
  • Fire-rated options help to slow the spread of fire for a limited time

We carry a variety of crawl space access doors depending on your requirements, all with right or left opening options. Choose from fire-rated, insulated, thermo-insulated crawl space doors designed for either L-shaped or vertical walls.

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