​The Top 5 Access Doors Used in Commercial Construction

​The Top 5 Access Doors Used in Commercial Construction

Access Doors and Panels on 18th May 2022

​The Top 5 Access Doors Used in Commercial Construction

It's always exciting to see new commercial endeavors rising, especially in the construction industry. Constructing a new building is risky and challenging due to its long and complicated process. Moving equipment from one floor or area to another might sometimes prove difficult. For this reason, many contractors find it efficient to use access doors.

Access doors used in commercial construction are no longer rare but often typical in today's setting. It is an essential component not merely for the building process but the long-term maintenance of the structure and its vital systems. As there are many types of commercial doors, it's convenient to know their qualities and purpose. Determine which among these five top access doors is suitable for your project.

General Purpose Access Doors

As the name suggests, this access door is widespread and versatile. It is the most common type you can see because you can apply it to many settings and surfaces. Its many variants will fit many requirements and allow the smooth access of components or areas to your personnel as they work.

The drywall access panel could arguably be the most popular among contractors because of its straightforward installation. Once installed, your personnel can move their equipment from one area to another or protect and access valves, switches, or other sensitive controls essential for the whole operation.

Exterior Access Doors

You typically utilize exterior doors to protect or access the external components outside the structure. These are primarily outlets or control valves for water supply or electricity to power the various equipment needed for the construction work. They are highly resistant to damage, either blunt force or harsh weather.

Security Access Doors

These doors are excellent for buildings with additional security requirements like hospitals, government buildings, and correctional facilities. It comes in variations of medium and high-security access door types. Its material composition is steel which makes the doors robust. The unique aspect of this product is its various mechanisms that prevent unauthorized access.

Fire-Rated Access Doors

These are types of doors used in offices and many commercial establishments because they are excellent in protecting crucial components from fire. Though fire-rated access doors and panels could not ultimately provide complete resistance, they can delay the fire spreading; thus, providing more time for escape and the response team's arrival.

These access doors can also help your building achieve LEED certification. It will give your facility a tremendous boost of recognition, which is a great marketing tool because your structure has fire-safe building materials.

Weather-Resistant Access Doors

These access doors are excellent for locations with extreme weather conditions that can damage the external controls and components necessary for your construction project. These doors are highly resistant to heat, cold, and moisture. They have unique detail that enables the insides to have a level of insulation and seals them from the outside.

Other Things to Consider

Planning where to place these access doors is crucial. You need to determine the locations suitable for their function. Then you also need to consider the right materials. Lastly, ensure to get accurate dimensions and sizes because there are areas where you need to have a custom one built for the location.

The Takeaway

These are some of the top access doors you can consider for your construction projects, but the best course of action is to work alongside a reputable expert for a better vantage point. They can offer additional inputs that could prove vital for your endeavors, and their experience will enable you to make better-informed decisions throughout the process.

Your commercial construction project will need the best access doors and panels as you only deserve the top of the line for your investment. Access Doors and Panels offers a categorized list of high-quality products designed to suit your construction requirements. Get in touch to us at (800) 609-2917 for more information. 

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