Several Ways to Accessorize Your Bathroom

Several Ways to Accessorize Your Bathroom

​Access Doors and Panels on 10th Mar 2021

Several Ways to Accessorize Your Bathroom

When creating an appealing and functional commercial building, you need to ensure that every area presents style and function. It is to provide building tenants rooms that they can comfortably use. One of those rooms is the bathrooms, and they are just as essential as the other areas.

While you are currently planning things with your contractor on how you want your bathroom to look, you might realize that an elegantly built bathroom isn’t enough. You still need to place several accessories that people can use to ensure they can do their business comfortably and better. Moreover, you have to know the several ways of accessorizing your bathroom to achieve the best-looking bathroom.

1. Helpful Storage

If you have a company renting a floor within your building, you can provide them storage they can use to store office bathroom essentials. When installing storage, make sure that you go with contemporary storage because it can make the bathroom look better. You can even wall-mount the storage to save up even more space and provide more legroom for everyone.

2. Statement Sinks

When you visit any commercial building, you will usually find square, dull sinks in their bathrooms. Building owners do this because it is practical, and they can replace it quickly when it gets broken. However, there is nothing terrible about giving your bathroom some appeal by installing statement sinks. While you may mostly see it in homes, you should consider using it for your building, especially when there are private bathrooms that only specific people can use. Ensure you choose statement sinks that look beautiful yet provide optimal performance.

3. Authentic Bathroom Rugs

Most commercial buildings will only use plain-looking bathroom mats that they can buy anywhere to cut down costs. But if you want to eliminate the dull feeling around the bathroom, the best way you do it is by using natural rugs. Those are the rugs you would generally see in fancy, luxurious houses made of authentic materials from animals. Even adding a simple, authentic bathroom rug can change the entire look of your building’s bathrooms.

4. Statement Lights

Apart from installing statement sinks, it would be best if you also considered installing statement lighting. When people use the bathroom, you can make their experience even better by using statement lighting. You should also pair it up with the other bathroom accessories mentioned above if you want to achieve an exceptional commercial building bathroom. A good statement lighting you can install is pendulum fixtures. They are elegant and fancy enough to change the bathroom’s atmosphere completely. The light from the fixture can create a soft glow, and you can find that installing it near the mirror is better.

5. Aesthetic Tiles

You can never call it a bathroom without adding bathroom tiles. You should throw away the idea of installing plain colored tiles if you don’t want to make your bathroom dull. You can talk with your interior designer and plan how you can create an aesthetically pleasing tiled surface. You have the option to use smaller-sized tiles to make the bathroom have the illusion that it’s big. A good tip when choosing different tile colors is to refer to the color palette. Not every single color will match the others, so it’s only right that you learn about them.

Access Doors and Panels have given you the different ways you can accessorize your bathroom. There are still more ways you can accessorize your bathroom. All you need to do is to experiment and gather some inspiration from other professional bathroom designers. 

10th Mar 2021 ​Access Doors and Panels