Protect Your Patients from Radiation by Installing Lead-Lined Access Doors

Protect Your Patients from Radiation by Installing Lead-Lined Access Doors

Access Doors and Panels on 25th May 2022

Protect Your Patients from Radiation by Installing Lead-Lined Access Doors

For hundreds of years, scientists have been studying the harmful effects of radiation. Depending on the radiated particle's energy, they categorized radiation as non-ionizing or ionizing. Both types of radiation are harmful to health even though they have few advantages. Radiation exposure can have different effects depending on the dose received.

Prolonged radiation exposure can affect your body's physiological functions, causing sickness and affecting your quality of life. Here are a few common harmful health effects of radiation on the human body:

Hair - Loss of hair fall occurs when radiation exposure exceeds 200 rems.

Heart and Brain - Too much exposure to radiation from 1000 to 5000 rems will affect the functioning of the heart. Radiation can damage small blood vessels and nerve cells of the heart, resulting in immediate death. Brain cells are affected if the radiation exposure is more significant than 5000 rems.

Thyroid - Certain body parts are explicitly affected when exposed to different radiation sources. The thyroid gland may be affected when exposed to radioactive iodine. If exposed to a considerable amount of radioactive iodine, the whole or part of the thyroid can be affected.

Blood System - Exposure to 100 rems will reduce the number of lymphocytic cells present in the blood. This instance may cause several immune problems, termed mild radiation sickness. As per the reports from Nagasaki and Hiroshima, symptoms may be present more than ten years from that exposure.

Reproductive Tract - As the reproductive tract cells divide quickly, these are more prone to be affected even if the exposure is not more than 200 rems.

Radiation is often used a lot in hospitals for different medical procedures. Luckily, some products built with specialized components help minimize the effects of radiation. Installing lead-lined access doors lets you keep vital components in your commercial building safe and reduce the effects of radiation.

If you want to keep vital components in your commercial building safe and reduce the effects of radiation, you should install lead-lined access doors. With proper installation, your establishment and occupants can experience the benefits of high-quality access doors.

The benefits of high-quality access doors are an advantage for the entire establishment and its people.

What are Lead-Lined Access Doors?

Aside from protecting your building components, access doors allow convenient access to certain areas that need regular check-ups. Lead-lined access doors are specialized access doors that contain a lead lining feature. Professionals can install it in a suspended drywall ceiling or wall with a fire rating. The lead lining features are suitable for medical rooms, such as the XRAY or MRI rooms. The combination of steel and lead accompanied by the double thickness of drywall maintains the fire-resistive qualities of the floor-ceiling assembly.

How Can Lead-Lined Access Door Protect Patients From Radiation?

Lead is one of the most used materials for radiation shielding. Due to its high density, it can be effective at reducing radiation exposure from x-rays and gamma rays. Because of the efficient shielding properties and low price, Professionals utilize lead shielding in many industries, such as healthcare, nuclear energy, security, and research institutions, among others.

Lead-lined access doors pose great benefits in reducing the amount of radiation in a particular area because of their manufactured properties. This product can be very effective in hospital rooms that use radiation for medical reasons. Since radiation can have harmful effects if exposed for an extended period, having lead-lined access doors can minimize the spread of radiation and act as additional protection to your patients and, at the same time, the health workers.

The Takeaway

Purchasing products that pose great benefits for the people around your establishment will make your customers or clients trust your company more. Access doors not only provide easy access to critical systems in your building, but with their new lead-lining feature, they can also minimize the harmful effects of radiation. If you're thinking of purchasing one for your establishment, collaborate with your contractor for more pieces of advice.

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25th May 2022 Access Doors and Panels