Benefits of High-Quality Access Doors

Benefits of High-Quality Access Doors

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 18th Mar 2020

Benefits of High-Quality Access Doors

Throughout the years, there have been different alterations in terms of designing things. People are always looking for ways to make sure what they’re using improves both its appeal and function. If we were to talk about access doors, it has also evolved every time people discovered what features are lacking to further cater to people’s needs.

Access doors are versatile, and it comes in varieties to serve different purposes. They can allow easy access to enclosed spaces behind walls, ceilings, or floors. There are even some that are large enough to fit a few people inside, while some are small and specifically designed to grant access to small spaces and compartments.

Reading this article will help you realize what benefits high-quality access doors can give to you and the building. It’s best to know what these benefits are so you can take advantage of it entirely.

1. Alternative Means of Storage

There are other ways to use access doors, aside from using it to cover wires and cables behind surfaces. You can use the access doors as storage if ever there is nothing behind the access panel except for space. You can install a metal box inside the access door, and there you have it! You now have extra storage in your building where you can place belongings inside.

2. Increased Safety Level

Buildings have all sorts of wires and cables running throughout different areas. Some of these wires and cables are dangerous such as electrical ones. These are dangerous if they’re exposed or are anywhere near conductors like metal sheets or poles. Now that access doors are here, they can provide maximum safety for people and an even better wire and cable management.

Apart from electrical wires and cables, you also have gas pipes behind the walls, floors, and ceilings. There might come a time where a person will accidentally damage these gas pipes if left exposed. Damaged gas pipes can result in costly building damage and also accidents like explosions. It is why you should avoid this accident, and one way of doing it is by installing access doors. The chances of the gas pipes getting damaged will be as low as zero.

3. Preventing Fires

High-quality access doors have a specific design to meet exceptional safety standards and follow fire safety regulations. Small cracks and crevices in ceilings or walls can significantly contribute to making the fire grow more massive. It is why every commercial building area needs to be airtight rather than just stopping drafts from going in.

As mentioned a while ago, there are buildings with multiple gas pipes behind walls, and they are incredibly flammable when there’s a gas leak. When a fire starts behind these walls, containing the fire is a must until it gets extinguished. Preventing any air from reaching the flame is one way.

4. Aesthetic Purposes

Having an exposed hole in your building is not a good look. Are you the type who wants a beautiful aesthetic all the time? It would be best if you had these holes covered up with an access panel. You’ll be surprised that there are access doors that perfectly blend into drywalls and other walls.

You can choose a specific access door to match the walls of your building. There are also different dimensions you can choose depending on what your contractors need. And if you have a unique design on your wall, you also have an access door with a slot where you can place a piece of your wall to make it blend in. Concealing the wires and cables of your building without making it look out of place has never been this easy.

5. Longevity

Longevity is what you should always look for in every product you buy. The same thing can be said when it comes to access doors. It would help if you had it to last for years while maintaining it in the long run. Itis why you should never buy super cheap access doors, where it’s not believable anymore.

Most high-quality access doors you see in the market are always pricey because of how manufacturers make them. Every part of a high-quality access door undergoes proper inspection and testing to ensure it does its job. And to ensure the access door does its job correctly, you also need to know the specific type you need. Installing a plastic access panel on the exterior of your building isn’t going to be effective. The chances are that it might break within a few weeks, and you’ll start to see molds forming around and inside it.

The Takeaway

You have to take into consideration what type of access door you need to choose for your building. It is also vital that you always ensure the access door you’re choosing is of high-quality. Without a high-quality access door, you can expect several issues to form within a few days or weeks. You should not let this happen if you want to avoid spending money to have it repaired or replaced.

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18th Mar 2020 Posted by Access Doors and Panels