7 Reasons Why Access Doors and Panels are Used

7 Reasons Why Access Doors and Panels are Used

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 20th Jun 2018

7 Reasons Why Access Doors and Panels are Used

If you're an architect or a contractor in the construction industry, the assumption is you're educated and knowledgeable in the importance of creating and designing with a purpose. Your knowledge also comes with being able to identify the right products to help accomplish a successful project. However, there may be some professionals who forget to consider access doors when designing a building.

Architects and contractors use access doors for their building projects because they are versatile, functional, and provide aesthetic appeal. You can use them on any surface-- whether it is drywall, gypsum, or a stainless-steel finish, access panels can do wonders for architects and contractors.

What makes an access door and panel the right choice for your next project? Access Doors and Panels provide the answer!

#1 Versatility

Creating versatility within a space or area is essential when designing and building. Often, architects create a design based on their client's preferences, whether it's a brand new project or a renovation. Using an access panel that can be aesthetically-altered or will blend in with the surrounding area are two options to consider. A versatile access door provides more storage and space. A drywall panel seamlessly integrates with the wall's look and feel while creating an appealing, functional, and versatile space.

#2 Security

The level of security needed for a particular room depends on the project requirements. Installing a security access panel addresses those needs, particularly in prison settings, hospitals, and large companies that want to store valuable items or documents securely. This type of panel is often composed of steel and comes with a security lock and latch. It offers an aesthetic appeal with a clean, stainless steel finish. These access doors provide excellent security, especially for business owners. If you want to ensure that important documents and items are safely-kept, security access panels are a must-have for your next project.

#3 Functionality

Access panels can provide great multi-purpose functionality. For instance, restaurants may benefit from installing a fire-resistant panel for its safety features instead of a simple stainless steel or insulated access door.

#4 Aesthetic Appeal

Incorporating aesthetic appeal into their masterpieces is a must for architects. Just look at any building, and you will surely see the touches of an architect's aesthetics. There is no need to jeopardize aesthetics in exchange for functionality, security, or insulation when installing access panels. Access Doors and Panels have a wide selection of access doors, roof hatches, and floor panels that blend in with the surrounding area. Best of all, most are customizable to meet your particular needs.

#5 Accessibility

Access panels make hard-to-reach areas easily accessible, making them perfect for roofs, ceilings, or basements. Architects can enhance the accessibility of spaces by working access panels into the design. In this way, they will be sure to make the most use of all available areas.

#6 Efficiency

Professionals in the construction industry know that insulation plays a significant role in building efficiency and functionality. However, installing additional equipment or accessories for insulation can reduce the space of a room. With an access door and panel, you won't have to worry about limited space-- manufacturers design most access panels with functionality and efficiency in mind.

#7 Space-Saving

Access panels also offer insulation and free up space for industrial companies. HVAC access doors are perfect for housing HVAC units. Installing an HVAC access panel allows authorized access when maintenance is required and reduces the unit's noise.

Access Doors and Panels caters to every architect, contractor, and designer with access door needs. We have a multitude of panels that can meet any building's requirements. Best of all, most of our access panels are customizable! To explore our entire collection, please visit our website today!

20th Jun 2018 Posted by Access Doors and Panels