Insulation – All You Need to Know

Insulation – All You Need to Know

Access Doors and Panels on 13th Jun 2018

Insulation – All You Need to Know

Go to any building – industrial or commercial and the one common element that is found at all sites is that of insulation. Insulation is the one element that for the most part one can thank to for our comfortability in our homes, offices and spaces. It is multifunctional, as the name implies it can be used to insulate but it can also be used as a means of adding that extra sound barrier.

Is insulation only good for keeping it warm inside? No – there is this preconceived idea that insulation is only good for staying warm or keeping a space warm; however, depending on the insulation selected it is also a means of keeping a space cool and temperate. For example, if it is hot outside and you set the temperature to a cooler temperature inside, the correct insulation will allow for the cool air to stay within the walls rather than escaping and allowing for heat to filter through.

When it comes to insulation there are a few basic ideas to be understood – here at  Access Doors and Panels, we break down the basics of insulation and its importance in playing a role in choosing the type of insulation and truly, any accessory that is insulated – whether that be an access panel or door, or even wall panels.

Insulation protects, insulates and regulates heat. Where it comes to knowing what kind of insulation to choose, comes from understanding how heat moves. Heat that is generated in a home and space is produced by household appliances and light found within. Heat can flow three different ways: radiation, convection and conduction.

To further understand the movement and passing of heat, we break it down:

Radiation by heat can come from anything as small as a lightbulb to as big as an oven or furnace – these sources of heat radiate and can depending on the space generate heat that can keep a space or room comfortably warm.

Convection is the principle that hot and warm air will rise while cold air sinks. For contractors and designers who are considering insulation, this is an important factor because based on this principle to ensure heat is not lost, insulating the wall, ceilings or floors would prevent from heat from passing through levels.

Conduction is the idea of heat transference through direct contact. For example, if we take a hot plate and place it on a counter, that counter will conduct heat through contact – the same principle is true for insulation. When insulation is in direct exposure to a heat source, whether it be something as simple as an HVAC unit or even pipes and plumbing, these can conduct heat through to insulation. In these circumstances, choosing an insulation that is a fire-retardant can be a good choice – especially when it comes to thinking of fire preventative measures.

Why is insulation consideration important? It is important to consider the installation of insulation because how, where and why can dictate the type as well as affect the bottom line. Some lower-grade insulations are a great and practical choice if there is no desire other than to provide some insulation; however, if one is looking to maintain temperatures or add an extra sound barrier the higher a grade of insulation the better.

The next time insulation is a requirement for your next project – no matter how big or small, it is important to consider. The factors of why it is needed. Of course, there are many other factors to consider, but any contractor and designer knows that insulation is always a good choice and investment.

Remember when looking to purchase insulation that the higher a grade of insulation, the higher the immediate costs – but keep in mind that there will be major long-terms savings (whether it comes from the savings in utility bills or the savings in repair and maintenance). Looking to purchase products that are insulated – don’t be deceived in thinking that the insulation used is the “best” quality, research and ask questions.

At Access Doors and Panels, we offer insulated access panels that you can rest assure are quality grade. Whether you are installing it in the basement, floor or ceiling, you can know that our panels are suited for any contractor or builders need.

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