​How to Choose Appropriate Access Doors and Panels for Your Next Project

​How to Choose Appropriate Access Doors and Panels for Your Next Project

Access Doors and Panels on 29th Jun 2022

​How to Choose Appropriate Access Doors and Panels for Your Next Project

When dealing with building construction, you need to incorporate high-quality materials that are functional and long-lasting. From the smallest design detail to multiple fixtures, building components are essential to maintain the structure's features and safety.

People from the construction and business industry used access doors and panels for various building installations. The benefits of access panel installation are vast, ranging from protecting critical systems like plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and furnaces to providing convenient access to areas that require additional security.

Access doors had significant innovations throughout the years to make them more suitable for specific installations. Due to its potential use in your commercial building, choosing the right access product is especially important. To help you decide, we've listed out the things you should remember when selecting an access door for your building.

1. Find Out Why You Need the Access Door

Before anything else, you should know why you need an access door, its purpose, and its location. The product that you purchase must be able to fulfill the reason why you're buying it in the first place. There are now various access doors based on their application and purpose. When you identify what you need, you can effectively lower your options.

2. Determine Your Location and Establishment Type

The location of your commercial building will also influence the type of access door you want to purchase. Is your establishment located on busy streets and requires good insulation? Are you located in a harsh environment that requires access doors with excellent durability? Does your establishment require optimum air quality?

Some applications may require specific standards, especially for establishments that require extra caution and fire safety. In that case, you can install fire-rated access doors to address possible fire safety concerns.

Furthermore, you also need to highlight the clearance or the space. The availability of the area is critical for ensuring the frame size and installation process of the drywall access panel. Hire or talk to an expert who can provide information based on the best access door measurements and purpose or function.

3. Choose The Right Material You Want

After knowing the purpose of why you want to purchase a drywall access door and determining the installment location, you should also consider its material. It is crucial to pick the right access panel and material to fit your standards. In this case, your wall and floor material will also play a huge role in choosing the suitable material for your access doors.

For example, if you need to install an exterior access panel, do not choose a material that will easily corrode or can wear and tear when exposed to external factors. You can select an access panel manufactured from aluminum to prevent corrosion and withstand any possible exterior elements like sunlight, rain, or snow.

In addition, an expert will not suggest an external access panel manufactured from a non-water-resistant material as it can result in mold, rust, and mildew build-up. If you need to reduce sound transmission, choose an access panel with soundproofing materials. The material makeup of the access door is responsible for its ability to be fire-resistant or soundproof.

Final Thoughts

After basing your deliberation on the information provided above, choosing a suitable access door for a specific application in your commercial building will not be complicated. However, you should also consider your project's budget or your contractor's suggestion before purchasing products.

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29th Jun 2022 Access Doors and Panels