General Purpose

General Purpose

Here at Access Doors and Panels, find all the surface fire rated access door that you need for your building project. Our panels meet fire-safety standards by being self-locking and self-closing. We can provide you with fire-rated uninsulated for wall installation and fire-rated insulated for both walls and ceilings. 

Our wide selection of fire protection doors for commercial,  industrial, and institutional facilities include the universal fire rated access door, 3-hour fire rated insulated, flush access panels for ceilings, fire rated access doors for walls - KARP, fire rated ceiling access door - Elmdor, uninsulated fire rated access panel - Babcock Davis, and fire-rated insulated access door with flange - Cendrex.

Featuring our brand new access door fire-rated uninsulated-- the FB 060. This door has a stainless steel finish and is approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for 1 ½ hour “B” label in walls. It is ideal to utilize this door when the temperature is not a factor and whenever it is necessary to provide access to fire-rated walls. 

Our FB-5060 is designed to maintain continuity in a 2-hour fire barrier wall. Its special features include a concealed hinge, an inside latch release, available with a removable door panel. This door also comes standard with a universal self-latching bolt operated by knurled knob/flush key. We also offer other locking options such as a rim cylinder lock and mortise prep.

Don’t wait any longer and make a pick from our list of fire-rated access panels for all surfaces. For your orders and inquiries, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-609-2917. Shop now!