Do You Want to Know How to Operate FAKRO's Scissor Loft Ladder?

Do You Want to Know How to Operate FAKRO's Scissor Loft Ladder?

Access Doors and Panels on 4th Jan 2023

Do You Want to Know How to Operate FAKRO's Scissor Loft Ladder?

Are you looking for ways to access your attic quickly without compromising your house's space and pleasing architectural design? Look no more! All you need is FAKRO's Scissor Loft Ladder which automatically expands when you pull it down and collapses as it folds.

How Does FAKRO's Scissor Loft Ladder Work?

After following the installation guidelines for the pre-assembled FAKRO attic ladder, you need to run a quick check to ensure no loose screws or hardware. If there are, tighten them for the ladder to support the user's weight. Once everything is fully installed and operational, close the attic door and test it.

Safely open the attic panel.

Pull down the attic access door with a FAKRO loft ladder pole. Make sure it is pressed completely down and not half open. It's also essential to remember that you are not standing directly underneath the attic panel.

Pull down the scissor loft ladder.

Once the panel is fully open, gently pull down the attic scissor ladder. Expand the ladder and ensure that ladder touches the ground and is fully resting to operate safely.

Retract the attic ladder.

You can quickly stow away the loft ladder when not in use. Retract it by pushing the ladder upwards until it entirely collapses.

Close the attic door.

After securing the ladder, gently close the attic door. Use the pole to secure the hatch shut.

Three Types of FAKRO Scissor Loft Ladders

The scissor loft ladders' entire set includes a ladder box which can either be wood or metal or a combination of the two – a wooden box and a metal frame which makes the attic ladder easy to install and adjust.

The ladders have advanced hinge mechanisms that slowly open the panel and prevent spontaneous spring back. The hatch will not automatically close whether you are folding or unfolding the ladder. It will stay open unless the person accessing it chooses to close the panel.

Their sturdy insulated, or fire-resistant materials, reduce the risk of distortion and protect the person from falling while using the attic scissor ladder. Most importantly, the ladder's design allows you to use it efficiently at different heights without cutting it.

FAKRO has a variety of visually pleasing ladders, each with distinct characteristics and functionalities but sharing some features. The LST, LSZ, and LSF models are three of the building contractors' favorites.


The LST scissors loft ladders have a 200-kilogram loading capacity fully equipped with a 3.6 cm thick standard white insulated hatch that reduces heat loss. It has a wooden ladder box and an unloading mechanism that helps and supports the hatch and the ladder for a safe folding and unfolding process.


The LSZ version of FAKRO's scissor loft ladder features many unique features in the LST version. What sets the LSZ apart from the LST is the steel frame integrated with the ladder box and the inclusion of quick installation brackets. These features allow the LSZ to have a faster installation time and require fewer installation tools than the LST.


The LSF models are FAKRO's ideal scissor loft ladders for fire-rated ceilings and roof hatches. It is fire-resistant with a 1-hour fire rating that serves as a fire and smoke blocker during fire outbreaks.

Critical Benefits of FAKRO'S Scissor Loft Ladder

FAKRO's Scissor Loft Ladder may look like a typical pull-down attic ladder that you usually see in houses, especially in older ones. However, FAKRO ensured that the loft ladder has several benefits that its buyers will enjoy. Aside from its self-adjustable and sustainability features, the ladders also offer the following benefits.


Unlike step ladders that you need to move around to reach the attic, designers specifically designed the scissor loft ladder as part of the attic door. It is tightly attached to the panel to ensure that it goes with the board whenever you open it allowing you to save more time.


Attic standard ladders have a higher risk of causing a slip-and-fall accident than the FAKRO attic ladder. The metal trim and the non-slip steps ensure that anyone accessing the attic through the scissor loft ladder will reach the attic safely.


Another best feature of the FAKRO attic scissor ladder is that you can conceal it when not used. It automatically folds up when you close the access door hiding it entirely and leaving extra space in your house. Moreover, you can also paint over the attic door of the loft ladder to give you a near invisible finish.

Easy Installation

One advantage of FAKRO's scissor loft ladder is that it is easy to install. You'll only need tools you commonly find in a toolbox and a drill. Also, FAKRO pre-assembled the attic ladders for you to install them quickly.

Accessing your attic will be easier with FAKRO Scissor Loft Ladders! These ladders' innovative design offers many benefits to its user apart from the ease of installation. Accessibility in opening and closing it is one of the advantages of the scissor loft ladders, where you can quickly expand and retract it by pulling and pushing it upwards.

Start Investing Now!

Nail your construction project's aesthetic design with superior quality, sturdy, and versatile FAKRO scissor loft ladders! If you need different loft ladder sizes for your project, don't worry! Our product experts are on the line 24/7, ready to answer your questions.

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