Discover 5 Benefits of Installing a KSTC Sesame Concealed Grid Ceiling Hatch

Discover 5 Benefits of Installing a KSTC Sesame Concealed Grid Ceiling Hatch

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 26th Apr 2023

Discover 5 Benefits of Installing a KSTC Sesame Concealed Grid Ceiling Hatch

Ceilings are usually an afterthought when designing a building and are incredibly important. Not only do ceilings provide a beautiful aesthetic to any room, but they also serve a critical purpose in concealing utilities. 

To ensure the room remains neat, you can tuck away HVAC ducts, electrical lines, sprinkler systems, and more in the ceiling. However, you still need some way to access these utilities, and ceiling attic access doors provide the perfect solution.

Featuring Two Customizable Attic Access Doors

This article will investigate the KSTC and KSTDW model attic access doors in greater detail.

The KSTC and KSTDW are two unique ceiling solutions created by Karp Associates Inc. to meet the needs of Commercial Builders. With its elegant design, the KSTC fits perfectly into exposed and concealed grid ceilings. On the other hand, the KSTDW is designed for complete concealment in drywall ceilings and provides a seamless aesthetic finish for drywall ceilings.

A Closer Look at Their Advantages

Despite the varying nature of their use, both these access doors provide the same quality and benefits for their respective application areas. Let's delve into that further.

#1 - Improving Energy Efficiency

Drafts can be a significant annoyance in any building. Typically, a difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of the building can cause a sudden rush of air indoors through air gaps. Moreover, they pose a significant problem of making your heating devices work harder.  

Fortunately, the KSTC and KSTDW offer innovative solutions to this problem. With their flame-retardant polyurethane gasket, the door and frame create a tight air seal between the room and attic, dramatically reducing drafts and making your indoor space more comfortable throughout the year.

#2 - Provides Security and Safety

These panels offer easy access to the attic without climbing into it, making it easier for commercial builders to access attic spaces and conceal utility lines. KSTC and KSTDW feature plastic grommets covering a square-head key wrench-operated lock mechanism. These panels offer enhanced security compared to an ordinary ceiling.

These access doors also have a unique feature that allows them to open to a check position for safety before releasing for a whole 90° opening. You can also remove this mechanism at your convenience.

#3 - Concealed Finish

The KSTC access panel is a revolutionary new product for finishing off concealed and exposed grid ceilings. It opens up to receive tiles and blends, ideally with grid ceilings. 

The KSTDW is an innovative solution for drywall ceilings to ensure a seamless finish. This door comes with a 3/8" Fiberboard supplied with the door that allows it to blend in effortlessly and seamlessly with the rest of your drywall ceiling. 

With these access panels, you can create a clean finish with the rest of your ceiling in no time. It is an excellent choice for commercial builders looking to achieve a professional look without breaking the bank.

#4 - Sturdy Construction

KSTC and KSTD are leading the way in the industry with their features. They incorporate a 20 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel frame and 20 gauge electro-galvanized door to ensure these products last for years.

These access doors come with prime-coated electrostatic powder and baked grey enamel, providing superior protection against rust and other forms of corrosion. This combination of high-quality materials and durable finishes results in a product built to last.

#5 - Various Sizing Options

With the KSTC and KSTDW, you can now easily standardize your ceiling access panels. Our panels come in regular sizes, so you don't need to worry about customizations or adjustments.

For the KSTC, the available door sizes are:

(W" X H")

24" X 24"

24" X 48"

For the KSTCDW, the available door sizes are:

(W" X H")

12" X 12"

18" X 18"

24" X 24"

24" X 36"

24" X 48"

If you need something special, Access Doors and Panels offers custom sizes on request. With our dedicated team of product experts, we can provide the perfect solution for any project, no matter the size. Also, we'll help you find what you need by taking the FREE quiz

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26th Apr 2023 Posted by Access Doors and Panels