Different Types of Doors Installed in Buildings

Different Types of Doors Installed in Buildings

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 3rd Feb 2021

Different Types of Doors Installed in Buildings

When talking about doors, you should know about the first door ever invented. If you have ever wondered about the first door created, you have Heron of Alexandria to thank. He was the early Greek to design automatic doors during the 1st Century AD. Throughout the years, engineers came up with their iterations of the door up to this day.

Today, you can already find many types of doors installed in buildings. These door designs are innovative and serve a specific purpose. If you're in the construction industry, you must know the different kinds of doors to ensure you choose the perfect one. Here are some of the many doors you can install on buildings.

Hinged-Type Doors

The most basic type of door you can find in most buildings are hinged doors. It's fixed on one side of the opening to let the door pivot in one way or another, and it always rotates vertically. What's excellent about hinged doors is that they are inexpensive and do not require extensive maintenance. If you are on a stiff budget for your construction project, this is the best door to use. The only disadvantage about this door is that it takes up too much space when you open it.

Swing-Type Doors

You've probably seen swing-type doors in old Western cowboy movies in a saloon. This door is not typical in modern buildings nowadays because it cannot provide security. But you have the choice to add the swing doors inside your building to add appeal and decorative purposes. You can rotate the door in either direction vertically because of the spring hinges, and you attach each door on each side of the door opening.

Sliding Doors

If you don't want to use hinged doors, you can choose another type of door, and that is sliding doors. A sliding door doesn't take up too much space when you open the door since you only slide the shutters horizontally along the runners' and rails' tracks. Most of the time, the top part has two trolley hangers running in a concealed crack, while there are bottom rollers to slide the shutter in the track with ease. You can even find sliding doors with sensors so that they automatically open when it detects a person most common are Storefront Door Glass.

Revolving Doors

The revolving door works through a central shaft that usually has four wings that attach to it. It is also enclosed in a round enclosure to provide security whenever you want to prevent entry. The central shaft has a ball bearing to ensure the door rotates smoothly and prevent any squeaking noise. Most of the time, revolving doors have glass panels so that people can see when they're entering the building.

Folding Doors

You can install collapsible doors, also known as folding doors, to provide more security behind or in front of your glass door. They usually compose of double vertical channels linked together with inside hollows to create an artificial gap. The channels are spaced at least 100mm to 200mm apart and have diagonal iron flats for braces. The shutter works with one rail fixed to the floor while the other at the lintel. These also have rollers to ensure smooth opening and closing.

The ones mentioned are one of the many doors you can find to install on your buildings. And if you need other construction materials like access doors, make sure you give Access Doors and Panels a call every time!

3rd Feb 2021 Posted by Access Doors and Panels