​5 Construction Trends of Today

​5 Construction Trends of Today

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 19th Sep 2018

​5 Construction Trends of Today

Any contractor or construction worker knows that while the history of architect and building has dictated and influenced builders of today – certain trends continue to prove significant in dictating the design and construction of a building.

We examine the 5 significant trends taking place across the design and construction of buildings today.

1. Environmental and Sustainable Consideration–

There is a generation of millennials and indeed a strong movement to promote and market things that are green and sustainable in an attempt to protect and save the earth from any further demise. Contractors, builders, and architects are faced with the challenge of designing buildings and structures that are not only environmentally efficient but sustainable as well. This can be everything from using materials that are environmentally friendly or designs such as allowing and using natural light to promote heating and cooling. This consideration of building and designing for the ecologically conscientious can be a considerable feat for many – but one that provides excellent returns in the future.

2. Using Yesterday to Build the Future–

Look at any city skyline, and you will find aspects of historical buildings in present-day designs. Whether it is the use of Roman columns or the arches of England – no matter what it is, some of history is grandest buildings do till this day influence the future. In some parts of the US, many historical buildings have undergone a transformation to becoming luxury boutique hotels. In parts of Europe such as Amsterdam, their prisons have also been turned into hotels – giving the traveler a unique and rare lifetime experience. When history and innovation collide, it allows for contractors, engineers and construction workers to look at ways of preserving its once beautiful but making it relevant in today’s time and a grand masterpiece.

3. Upgrade and Upgrade More –

So often contractors and builders believe the only way to build up is to take apart or break down a pre-existing building to build it up. The reality is, that is not the case instead a building can be upgraded with minor or semi-major updates. Upgrades can be anything from taking an existing wall and adding an access panel of sorts – or maybe taking down a wall to open up space. The challenge that comes from upgrading and improving an area can sometimes prove to be more cost-effective than just tearing down and building up.

Going back to the walls – sometimes a simple installation of an access panel can prove to be the most significant upgrade and improvement to a wall, floor or ceiling space.

4. Mixed-use projects –

Today, contractors and investors buy various properties, and they become what is considered a mixed-use project. This is where the building is not just used for

one purpose – for example, a tower could hold apartments, hotels, and shops making

it a mixed-use project. As a result of this approach, contractors and designers are

able to work with creativity and the ingenuity of designs that will meet the varied requirements of having multiple clients but also purpose.

5. Select servicing –

Somewhat similar to mixed-use projects – choose servicing is where a building will have all the services within their customer or clients reach. The best way of understanding this is seeing a high-end hotel having the amenities one may find in a typical hotel like a gift shop, restaurant, etc. These small additions to their hotel suddenly make them more notorious for their amenities than the actual hotel and bedroom stay.

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19th Sep 2018 Posted by Access Doors and Panels