Agricultural Building Industry: Growth and Change

Agricultural Building Industry: Growth and Change

Access Doors and Panels on 16th Mar 2022

Agricultural Building Industry: Growth and Change

There has been a broad expansion of building interest in the world of agriculture in the past 50 years. Well-built agricultural buildings can save you more money and help improve the living conditions while reducing the number of required resources. New planning and construction methods can use the latest technologies to create structures that keep energy and water, use fewer material resources, and generate less waste. State-of-the-art building materials can be cheaper than traditional brick-and-mortar. They'll also retain heat and circulate air more efficiently with less energy use. In addition to energy sustainability and lower costs, efficient agricultural building design and construction also benefit the animals housed in your structure. Well-built barns allow healthy animals to grow, mature, reproduce and maintain good health.

According to Thomas Davis, marketing manager of BSIT-Data Management at Rapidset Metal Buildings, the large size of these farms creates a need for more extensive storage facilities to house equipment and production materials along with livestock. This change in the farming industry has affected the agricultural building industry. They have noticed a dramatic increase in the length of feed and livestock buildings to host a more significant number of animals.

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What's New?

1. Steel Buildings

Agricultural buildings and structures used to be made almost entirely out of wood. But as years passed by, experts have developed more cost-friendly and efficient facilities. One of this progress is the discovery of Steel buildings that are much less expensive than their wood counterparts, proven to last much longer. They have seen the number of building designs and features increase to meet the ever-changing needs of agricultural producers. In addition, Fredrick Moore, the general manager of Heritage Building Systems, noticed that customers seek out agricultural metal buildings over wood. This is because they are non-combustible, have a better investment, don't need an overhead truss, are pest or termite resistant, and have cheaper insurance.

The marketing director of Bunger Steel, Whitney Castro, stated that the agricultural metal building industry had come a long way in style, colors, efficiency, design, and interior or exterior finishes. Consumers are starting to realize that metal buildings can be multi-useful with minimal modifications. The style and taste in designs have evolved over the years in the agricultural building industry. Though a pre-engineered building design often can be viewed as fundamental, there has been an uptick in adding an innovative layer to projects.

2. Smart Agriculture

Using technologies to boost agricultural production has been a trend due to its efficiency. One great example is the development of intelligent greenhouses. It combines traditional farming systems and new technologies for complete visibility and automation. The rise in organic food assists the overall increase in demand for the global smart greenhouse market.

Davis stated that the decrease in arable land due to climate change forces many operations in vitro. The continued development of this market will require metal building designers to develop new and intelligent ways to meet the increasing demand.

Modern greenhouses are becoming increasingly high-tech, incorporating LED lights and automated control systems to assist the growing environment ideally. Successful greenhouse companies are working thoroughly and have located their facilities near urban hubs to help the increasing demands for local food, no matter what season.

3. Walls, Roof, and Storage

According to a study from Northbrook, the farm equipment market size is estimated to gain up to 113.0 billion US dollars by 2025 from an estimate of 92.2 billion US dollars last 2020 at a CAGR of 4.2% during the forecast period. In addition, the growing popularity of precision farming is also a significant factor in driving farm equipment sales in the coming years. The farm equipment market will continue to witness substantial growth in the future, which means professionals must store their equipment and crops appropriately.

Some agricultural building experts plan their establishments with more expansive areas, more oversized foldable doors for equipment storage, and even underground storage for crops with the help of removable floor hatch.

Growth is the only thing constant in this world, and this famous saying also applies in agriculture. Experts are continuing to discover different methods to create agricultural buildings more efficiently and at the same time provide quality results.

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