Industries Benefitting from Access Panels

Industries Benefitting from Access Panels

Access Doors and Panels on 19th Feb 2020

Industries Benefitting from Access Panels

Talking about access panels isn’t a good conversation starter unless you know people working in the construction industry. You might shrug off the idea of access panels, but what you don’t know is that an access door is one of the most critical components in any commercial building. A building without access panels will create a ton of issues both for the people and the building.

Without access panels, maintenance personnel like electricians, plumbers, and other technicians will have a hard time doing their jobs because most areas they’ll work on are underneath or behind walls, floors, or ceilings. Access panels are essential in commercial buildings to ensure easy access and efficient protection and security.

The Importance of Access Panels

We first have to talk about why there’s a need for access panels in commercial buildings. You might think that access panels are unnecessary, but they are just as important as the foundations. They protect things like pipes, circuit breakers, electrical wires, etc.

Access panels can be installed anywhere from ceilings to floors, and walls depending on what you need protecting. Because it provides an airtight and watertight seal, you won’t have any issues with sound from outside going in the building. Even if there’s heavy rain, you can best bet your airtight and watertight access panel will keep your assets safe and dry.

Suppose you would like to know which industries need access panels the most, no need to look far because we will talk about some industries that require access panels. You might have already seen access panels in these buildings, but you didn’t notice what it was.


This is a case of a commercial building where there need to be access panels to ensure the entire building has all the systems functioning properly. Usually, there are gas pipes behind the walls of the kitchens, and specific parts of the pipes need maintenance or repairs when the time comes.

If restaurants don’t have access panels installed, they will have to endure watching their walls, ceilings, or floors getting destroyed. Most of the time, the maintenance personnel won’t bother patching up the damaged area, which means the restaurant owners would require to hire another contractor to have it fixed. It is costly, time-consuming, and can waste precious time running the restaurant.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions are part of an industry that requires high-security for anything installed in the building. Aside from the bank vault being the most secure area of the building, the electrical wires running around the building also needs to be secured. The vault is an area where criminals who try to rob banks would target because of the several security systems inside the bank that requires electricity.

Having an access panel that is highly secured and can be easily accessed by technicians is the best type of access panel for buildings like banks. Different technicians visit the bank every week to ensure every security system is working correctly in the bank to prevent any illegal breach.


Another industry where security is crucial. Throughout the years, many criminals have tried to get out of jail illegally, and some succeeded in doing it. Having an exposed access panel can help them escape. Securing the many access panels inside the prison is a must. Prisoners can tamper with the pipes, and they can potentially use those pipes as a weapon.

By installing high-security access panels, guards won’t have a hard time keeping an eye out for prisoners when they step near an access panel because they know it’s secured efficiently. There are two types of security level access panels that jails can choose: medium and high-security.


When we’re talking about hospitals, the first word that usually comes into mind is cleanliness. Hospitals should stay clean every day because you’ll never know what kind of infection can harm the sick and ill people inside the hospital. One way of ensuring specific areas of the hospital is kept clean is by providing fresh air.

Access panels can provide an airtight and watertight seal, which is essential in keeping the air clean. There can be all sorts of bacterias from outside that can seep through open areas of the hospital building. A single harmful bacteria can infect people and can potentially affect other people in the long run.


No employee inside an office would want sudden drafts entering their rooms. Offices have to be airtight to keep several issues from happening like condensation on the windows. It’s a nuisance when you have to keep wiping the water off your windows every minute because of the water dripping down to the bottom.

If you happen to have an HVAC inside your office, you need to install access panels that prevent air from going in and out. What would make it even better is your access panel being easily accessible when HVAC technicians need to do some cleaning or maintenance with the HVAC ducts.

Choose Access Doors and Panels Today

The ones mentioned above are just some of the many industries that require access doors and panels. You might see access panels in stores or even in some areas of your home. Ensuring you get the correct type of access panel is also vital in keeping your asset protected from exterior elements. The access panel you choose should be reliable. No one would want a product they just newly bought to fail in an instant. It is also the reason to carefully decide which access panel supplier you should choose for your construction projects.

If you’re having difficulty looking for a company that can provide high-quality access panels and doors, you can always turn to Access Doors and Panels. We have many variants of access panels you can choose to provide your circuit breakers, electrical wires, water pipes, and other valuable assets of your building. You can look at our website at to find the right type of access panel for you today!

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