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To access pipes, electrical, and other critical underground space and storage areas, floor hatches will surely save the day. When it comes to installation in confined areas, a removable floor door is ideal to use. If you’re looking for these specialty doors, Access Doors and Panels has extensive selections for you! You can choose from our ceramic tile and concrete (1” recess), flush (diamond plate), and vinyl tile and carpet (⅛” recess), all offered in an array of sizes to comply with specific construction requirements. 

Our new addition to removal floor panels is the FA-H20 series aluminum floor access doors that are designed for interior and exterior applications where water tightness is not required. Its angle frame construction with an integral anchor flange is designed to be cast into concrete. It also has a diamond plate door panel equipped with a flush aluminum drop handle and an automatic hold-open arm with a red vinyl grip. Moreover, this door is further secured with a flush aluminum drop handle with a slam lock. 

Also worth checking out is our FT-8080 recessed ⅛” for vinyl tile/carpet. It is a removable floor door designed for interior and exterior applications that require an access opening that blends in with the surrounding floor material. Its securing screws are located in the flange of the mounting frame to keep the floor material from cracking or chipping within the door panel. The good news is that this door is now in stock and ready to ship!

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