7 Benefits of Green Building Certificate for Real Estate

7 Benefits of Green Building Certificate for Real Estate

Access Doors and Panels on 26th May 2021

7 Benefits of Green Building Certificate for Real Estate

What is Green Building?

Green building is a sustainable building process from construction through to operation. It continuously promotes environmental responsibility and resource efficiency- from planning, designing, constructing, and operating to its maintenance and renovations. The goal is to help the Earth be more sustainable and conserve its natural resources for present and future use.

"Going green" is not just a trend today- it is a must. As global warming gradually affects the Earth, everyone must take their part in conserving the environment. On the bright side, more industries are environmentally conscious now- one of these is the real estate sector. They perform eco-engagement through achieving a green building certification.

Being green building certified entails great responsibility. But with these, you also acquire great rewards. Here are the seven (7) benefits of a green building certificate for real estate:

Benefit #1: High ROI

Sustainable buildings can attract investors easily. The more energy-efficient the building is, the higher ROI you can get from it. Real estate with green features (e.g., security access panels, solar panels, etc.) is more accessible to sell or promote than a conventional one. It builds up your reputation. If you decide to sell it, buyers will not hesitate to pay for it in a high amount considering getting the green certification.

Benefit #2: Increased Property Value

The same is true with High ROI; it can increase the value of your real estate. It may be pricey first, putting all the eco-materials and following the green building guidelines throughout, but it can add more importance and great asset value to your building. Because, after all, not every real estate company can acquire green certification.

Benefit #3: Lower Operating Cost

Being energy efficient means reducing utility bills. There are many ways your building has an eco-friendly strategic design. For instance, your windows' placement is in the direction where daylight can get in through the building. It may also be in a position where it can get natural ventilation. All these can lower operational costs.

Benefit #4: Increased Occupancy Rate

When a building is green certified, it requires an inspection from time to time, ensuring it meets the standards. It means that the cleanliness of the environment remains. With this said, it will attract more occupants to invest in your real estate- knowing that the area around them promotes clean air, cleanliness, maintenance, and more.

Benefit #5: Improved Popularity

As we have discussed earlier, not all real estate is green certified. Being one of the greens, your company can gain popularity. It is a great campaign to advertise your land because you do not have to spend more money selling it. When occupants, investors, or buyers are looking for an environmental-friendly place, you might be on the top list.

Benefit #6: Tax Incentives

There are cities and towns which offer tax benefits to encourage more buildings to be energy-efficient and sustainable. Some of these benefits are tax rebates, temporary tax exemption, permitting fee reductions, and other special programs for green innovation. You will have more budget for other projects.

Better #7: Better Environment

We are not just talking about money here. The most crucial benefit of being green-certified is creating a better environment. Who does not want to live or work in an environment where you can have fresh air and clean water? By being green, saves you money and preserves the Earth's natural resources.

There are many green building rating systems such as LEED, WELL, Fitwell, Green Globes, BREEAM, DGNB, Green Star, etc. You may opt for the organization that is best suited for your project. Furthermore, if you are a real estate company, do take advantage of the benefits of being green building certified now.

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