5 Reasons Why Construction Companies Fail

5 Reasons Why Construction Companies Fail

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 20th May 2020

5 Reasons Why Construction Companies Fail

Just like any other business industry, running a successful construction company isn't easy. The construction industry is full of risks that can lead your business to fail if mishandled. Starting a new construction business because it's an "in" thing or because it seems "cool" will not get you anywhere. Most construction companies are family businesses passed on to heirs after heirs, while others do things recklessly with a "nothing to lose" kind of attitude. The latter case is the one that gets most businesses to fail.

There are so many reasons why construction companies fail and have to close up shop. Usually, it's not just a single reason that causes construction companies to fail. Whatever you're going to do, you have to make sure that you will give your 100% commitment and with your eyes always wide open. Starting with the right attitude and knowing why construction companies fail will make things much easier for you when you start your own company. Knowing the pitfalls before jumping into the business can help any business owner avoid them in the entire journey.

Here are five reasons that you must keep in mind before you engage in the construction industry.

1. Capital & Cash Flow

When you engage in the construction business, keep in mind that construction companies are capital intensive businesses because they invest large amounts of capital fixed assets like tools, heavy equipment, and vehicles. If you fail to maintain an adequate capital level, you won't survive like many construction companies. If you don't have enough capital to get your company through tough times or overcome surprises, you are taking a considerable risk.

Cash flow management is a significant area of concern that can lead to failure for a construction company. You should adequately manage the amount of cash that flows in and goes out to ensure your business's success. You also have to keep your accounts payable and receivable in check and adequately manage project budgets. If you maintain positive cash flow, you will pay debts and expenses, reinvest in your business, and have a backup for emergencies. Once your cash flow slows to a trickle, your business might start plummeting down to failure.

2. Performance

This one is probably the most common reason why most construction companies fail. You won't have to worry about a single lousy project since it doesn't typically sound a construction company's death. However, stringing together a handful of destructive projects that lose money can mean serious trouble. To avoid this, you have to ensure that you deliver profitable projects that are the right fit for your business. Exercise due diligence when estimating and job costing to help you avoid taking on work that won't be profitable. Always carefully plan out the work for your selected project to complete it on time and within budget. Moreover, this entails having the right leadership, workforce, and equipment available to perform the work. If you fail to manage and deliver projects correctly, you have to expect losses.

3. Expanding Too Fast

When you're running a business, your main goal is to expand it at some point. Unfortunately, problems may arise when a company tries to grow too fast without the proper resources, workforce, and know-how to execute successful growth. Avoid taking on too much work or tackling larger projects that you have not adequately researched on. If you haven't planned for a project, rushing headlong into such unfamiliar territory will make you lose a lot. So when you plan for expansion, be strategic and systematic.

It's one usual problem that business owners have because they think they have the extra funds and workforce to expand their business. For new companies, it's always ideal to start all the time slowly. You can also state the same thing with construction companies. It's best to have a steady stream of clients for a few years. And once there's enough experience, reliable human resources, and funds, the expansion can start as soon as possible.

4. The Wrong People

Choose a team with the right people on board to ensure your company's success. Hire employees whom you think will contribute to the company's success. Ensure that your employees are engaged and valued to be motivated to give you their best effort. Also, offer competitive salaries and benefits, provide training for all employees, and build a focused company culture that keeps employees happy and engaged.

There were instances where construction companies would not carefully select the people that they hire. They should always appoint somebody who can accurately gauge each person that they employ to their company to preserve quality. Once they can achieve this, it won't be a problem for the construction company to do their jobs as efficiently as possible.

5. No Innovation

Nowadays, construction companies are also adapting to technological changes. Failure to do so has been the downfall of many successful businesses over the years. The entire construction industry is in the midst of a digital transformation that will result in the demise of those construction companies that refuse to adapt. As construction projects become more complex, companies that innovate and incorporate new technologies and digital tools into their businesses are setting themselves up for continued future success. If your construction company continues to operate the same way that you always have, you will find yourself struggling to keep pace with those companies embracing technological transformation.


These five reasons are only some of the many reasons why construction companies fail. There are more reasons in reality, but these are the most common ones that we've found and researched. Hopefully, you can grab some ideas from these five reasons for construction and all other kinds of businesses.

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20th May 2020 Posted by Access Doors and Panels