Industry Career Paths

Industry Career Paths

Access Doors and Panels on 23rd Jan 2019

Industry Career Paths

Looking for a career change or maybe you are looking for a career that combines leadership and creativity. Contractors are a trades where one can find creativity in their projects but also showcase leadership in managing a crew or team on and off site. A rewarding profession that one can excel and thrive in, Access Doors and Panels shares insights on a career as a contractor, because just as we provide quality products, we know what kind of quality traits makes a successful contractor


While some would argue that becoming a contractor does not necessarily require formal education, there are colleges that do offer courses and accreditations that too enhance once is likelihood of getting hired for jobs or by a company. What having a formal education from a certified school or program does is create a competitive edge for those who think being a contractor is as easy as owning a truck and hammer. It is so much more than that, which is why, when there is an opportunity to receive formal education or training, it does make ones experience and qualifications stick out over others.

The length of a program can vary from a few months to a few years – it is dependent on what the individual is looking to accomplish and gain from their training and education. The higher one goes


With so many looking to be contractors or claiming the “contractor” title, what will separate one from the pack is not just education but experience. When one can combine their formal education with experience – that is a powerful and beneficial combination. In many trades program there is often a hands-on component that allows students the ability to experience what it is like to work in their trade. This will allow for networking with contracting companies but a taste of the work and experience needed to excel.

Experience as a contractor is truly invaluable – as the methods and approaches aren’t always as rigid as other fields and industries but rather the construction and contracting fields are one that is constantly evolving with technology and trial-and-error.


While some contractors, especially freelancers think it is okay to work on a site without license or certification, others do not. It is important that if you are in an industry or not to ensure whatever work one embarks on they are not only comfortable with the task but that they understand it as well. Being licensed on a job site protects you but it also demonstrates your knowledge and qualification which for clients this can be important to them.

Understand the Industry

If someone came up to you and asked you about your work in the construction industry – could you explain it? Or, if they asked you what does a contractor do, could you answer it?

Knowing about the industry you are working in is important not just for your own knowledge but the clients’ as well. It lets them know that you understand the inner workings of the industry as well they will feel a sense of comfort in knowing they can trust ones judgment, decision and recommendations.

While the construction industry is vast on and it can seem daunting to have to know every aspect of it; however, even just knowing the field or ones specialization can bring a sense of reliability and trust to a client. For example, if you specialize in access panels, having the proper understanding of the different types and materials means you can make the best recommendation for the client. There is a reason they say knowledge is power because when a client can trust their contractor and the advice they are giving, they know they’ve made the right choice.

So, regardless if you are starting your career or looking for a change and want to manage your own business – Access Doors and Panels shares the key points when it comes to becoming a contractor.

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23rd Jan 2019 Access Doors and Panels